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The inequality online sex workers face | University of Amsterdam

Most people think of OnlyFans when they think of webcamming platforms. But, there are a lot of different streaming platforms like Mintstars, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate & BongaCams.

However, this line of work isn’t that easy. These types of platforms work with a winner-take-all effect. Where some get a lot of income and others do not. These workers also face payment insecurity thanks to companies like MasterCard and Visa. On top of that, they also have to deal with a lot of stigma. Our researchers Rébecca, Hanne & Emilija looked at all the inequalities these performers face daily.

Rébecca Franco looks at the regulation of platforming sex work. That means that she looks at what types of porn can be streamed, live streamed, where and by who. She also looks at who determines that and what it means for the people doing and making the porn and who profits from it as well.

Hanne Stegeman’s research focuses on the labour experiences of people who do online sex work, specifically people who work on webcam platforms where they stream for compensation. She mainly talks to people who do this work in the Netherlands, UK and Romania.

Emilija Jokubauskaitė research about webcam sex platforms as working environments. She’s interested in the technical elements of the platform that creates that working environment.

00:00 What’s their income?
00:37 Types of platforms
01:10 The inequality the algorithm creates
02:35 The inequality MasterCard and Visa create
03:55 The platforms take around 60% of the income
04:30 Let’s improve not close these platforms

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