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Georgia police strip searched women, exposing private parts in front of strangers | WSB-TV

Channel 2 Action News investigates Georgia police strip searching women, looking for drugs on the side of the road. Read the full story at http://bit.ly/3UN3s0J

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  1. Bet that woman cop was getting off doing that. Smelled her gloves after

  2. It is plainly illegal.

  3. Hansen needs to be prosecuted for assault and fired and then jailed. Sue the living crap out that female cop and then the department as well!

  4. Remind me of Israeli soldiers..poor Palestinian woman

  5. If it was a dude it would and has been fine…right on the side of the road with people honking. Its funny as hell…even with women stopping and making comments..like it must be cold out here.

  6. Police can do what ever they want , complain all you want ,theres nothing anybody can do to stop police .police have immunity from harming citizens, nobody past or present can stop them .police are the predators youre the prey

  7. Females generally cant wait to expose themselves at any opportunity, so what's the problem in this instance.

  8. Nobody wanted to see these women's body parts. As a matter of fact, I'm sure the male cops would not want to see her private parts. They probably couldn't get a hard on for a month after that.

  9. government subsidized sexual assault. what is the sentence for a sexual predator?

  10. Unbelievable, but when I realized that this occurred in America it is believable

  11. they did this in Texas a few years ago. A Texas state trooper pulled a woman and her niece over doing a traffic stop when he went up to the window he said I smell marijuana and a female Trooper showed up and did the exact same thing to the woman and her niece only difference between here and there is that female Trooper in Texas went to jail for assault and battery and sexual assault

  12. A year ago and still no update?

  13. They just want you to submit so they can humiliate and violate your rights

  14. It’s PRI VA CEE
    not PRI VAT CEE

  15. Ha ha ha woman… your naked😊

  16. They don't call the police "pigs" for nothing


  18. This is what we’re paying for. THEY work for US.

  19. And did they find anything? Then why’d they search the suspect’s?

  20. Chicago cops used to do this for women who committed traffic violations. They continued this practice until one day they strip searched a judge's wife. Funny how when it affects people with power the rules change.

  21. They are all getting off on it. Especially the woman police officer the lesbian

  22. Well first of all the woman cop Is a lesbian So she is having fun.😊

  23. And if you look at that the male cops. Watching everything They are getting off on it. And that's a fact.😊

  24. All these police officers got drunk on power during Co-vid, we will never forget or forgive, don’t trust the police they think they about the law & get away with it, Here in Australia they are now having a massive recruitment problem, no one wants to be a a**hole Nazi.

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