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Crime Photo Line Ups – 2024-SCB-000468 Small Claim Court DC Testimony I Identified them all

Serial killers are:
Donald John Trump
Malania Knauss Trump
Barron William Trump
Ivanka Marie Trump
Tiffany Ariana Trump
Mary Lea Trump
Mary Anne Mc Leod Trump
Fred Trump
Ivana Marie Trump
Marla Maples
Elvis Presley
Lisa Marie Presley
Michael Joseph Jackson
Sheriff David O. Livingston
David Johnson – FBI
Linda 415-553-7400
James B. Comey
Robert Muller
Christopher Wray
Merrick Garland
Bill William Gates
Milynda French Gates
Rory John Gates
Jennifer Kathrine Gates
Phoebe Adele Gates
Kamala D. Harris
Douglas Emhoff
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
BB Jennifer
Mary Jane
Larry Shanonhann
Al Mc Leod
Al Smith
Javon Smith Rapper J Stylin
Vision Quest
Charles Nathaniel Lunnie
Rickie Stokes
Eric Fredrick Trump
Donald John Trump Jr.
Robert Kelly
Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Dena Cooper
Aaliyah Cooper

Jennifer Adele Gates
Rory John Gates
Phoebe Gates
Just Dance Games
Sony PlayStation
Barron William Trump
Digggy Simmons
Jim Jones Diplomat Rapper
Angela Rene Simmons
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
DC Courts Civil Division
John G. Roberts Jr.
Microsoft Heaven
Microsoft Theater
Dream Mall
Bank Band YouTube.com
Serial Killer Barron trump using asians
Dance Pills YouTube.com Chris Brown
Jennifer Gates hospital in New York
Dance Hospital
Band Bank YouTube.com
Serial Killer Barron Trump using asians
Pentagon YouTube.com
Serial Killer Barron Trump using asians
Todd Smith
Sean Combs
Adventura Mall
Mary Lea Trump
Ivanka Marie Trump
Eric Fredrick Trump
Douglas Emhoff
Tiffany Ariana Trump
TV show Judge Trump
Cole Emhoff
Ella Emhoff
Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia
peek pu in China
gce autos in Bay area ca
dream car in China
dream theme park in Egypt
dream university in Los Angeles

Crime Opportunities
22 United States of America Citizenships
220 US Army Passports
220 US Army Paraplegics
6 US Army Pensions $294 Hundred million dollars in money laundering money machine print
60 US Army Pensions $15 Billion dollars in money laundering money machine print
all of this is forever any time give give to another
Ten complete sets of United States of America Citizenships Government Identification Documents for 22 Separate People

Crime Front:
house list
RV car lot
Trump campaign in killed Helen Striplin RV every stop on campaign train

Chuck Norris
John Walsh
Pamela Smith
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
Megan Good
Ariel Davon
Lil Bow Wow Shad Gregory Moss
Megan Good boyfriend Davon
Barron William Trump
Jennifer Gates
Phoebe Gates
Blair House Shelter 635 I Street NW Washington DC 20001
Magistrate Judge Villa
Small Claims Court
DC Courts Civil Division Judge Lee
Magistrate Judge Hermann
Small Claims Court
TV: Alias
Ice T
Ice Cube
Diplomat Rappers
19th Precent Police New York
David O Livingston
TV: Criminal minds suspect behavior
TV: Criminal minds behavior analysis unit
Elvis Presley
Lisa Marie Presley
Linda 415-553-7400
Mary Jane
Larry Shanonhann
Javon Smith Rapper J Stylin
Kamala D Harris
Malia Obama
Barack Obama
Merrick Garland
George Piro
Kim Porter
Kim Jung Un
Torri Porter
Kimberly Jones
Gordon Ramsey
Eric Fredrick Trump
Damien Marley Jr Jung
Dr Dre
Monqusha Petters as spiderman
Clarissa Petters
Marcellas Petters
Gramal Petters
Chris Petters
Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthoney
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Carlos Gracie
Carlos Pablo Escobar
Keezie Movies.com
laderious premos
Tamia C. Jackson
Tierra Jackson whom DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is in home invasion
of 23 houses & apartments
9510 Arrowhead falls CT Las Vegas Nevada 89148
Jeff Jam Recordings
Metro PCS
Android robots
Watson x robot ibm
Eric Holder
Jeff Sessions
William P Barr
Merrick Garland
Christopher Wray
Sasha Obama
Michelle Obama
San Diego Police imperial substation
San Diego sheriff jail
West point military
Malia Obama
Barack Obama
TV: csi cyber
TV: csi Miami
TV: csi Las Vegas
TV: csi new York
Christopher Wray
Merrick Garland
Jeff sessions
David Johnson
Linda Hunt ncis TV show
Harmon ncis TV show
small Claims Court Washington DC
DC Courts Washington DC civil

The Serial killers Killed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Piracy Video to kill Striplin Family in using Shinzo Abe Nick name ransom then said it will start an war we might as well kill Striplin call them Japanese next day Barron Trump saying his nick name Shinzo Abe to steal my inheritance in Japan then Asia
then Barron Trump attacked the Pentagon from Asia to kill me

Aaren Williams Striplin – High Priest Aaron Tribe of Levi
Tabernacle of God
D1871054 California Identification Number
550-69-3341 Social security number
42 year old
United States of America Citizen
Disability: African American Paraplegics Man living with blood prosthetics and mobility device that has eye cameras and voice recorder, I wore an tape recorder Wiretap?

February 19, 2024 Monday 3:53pm


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