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My $17k NOSE JOB 👃 & Facial Fat Transfer in Las Vegas with @VIPPlasticSurgeryLasVegas

Hello people of the internet! From 9 to 5 to Camming Life. I’m an AVN award winning cam model who has been camming on Chaturbate since 2018. My content consists of discussing cam and the adult lifestyle, reviewing adult toys and some tech.


• Cam Girl Tips: http://bit.ly/klb-camgirltips
• Adult Toy Reviews: http://bit.ly/klb-toyreviews
• Cosmetic Treatments: http://bit.ly/klb-cosmetic
• Clothing Try On’s: http://bit.ly/klb-tryons

For all business and sponsorship inquiries, kindly reach out to info@kylielebeau.com

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  1. Your beautiful I'm very astonished!!! Keep posting

  2. Did it hurt to sneeze after the nose job?

  3. I didn’t know you could get any more beautiful!

  4. Wow, Kylie, you look gorgeous.

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