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How To Get HAMSTERS In Adopt Me!

How to get diamond hamster in adopt me, how to get golden corn in adopt me, cookie cutter adopt me youtuber reveals how to get the hamster pet in adopt me pets new pet update, talks about the adopt me easter egg hunt 2024 update with roblox called “the hunt” a roblox update coming soon to lots of roblox games and the new adopt me house builds items coming into adopt me soon in the new adopt me pets update!

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  1. Who wants to get a free hamster?
    Comment adopt me myths that you want me to try in a video, if your myth is selected you win a pet! comment the myth and your username 🙂

  2. Flowers_1161 I really want to get a hamster!

  3. Hamsters are my fav animal and I was so exited and I got one straight away

  4. I subscribed I'm in adopt me right now

  5. I really want a free hamster my user name is chloem965 but it will come up with hammy can I have a diamond one

  6. Hii I am a huge fan of fan and my user name is MairaOMG31

  7. Hey cookie I ♡ ur vids I have a hamster irl and would rlly like one in game my user is aliceinthelooking123 my display is London ♡☆♡ byeeee ♡

  8. If you jump 5 times you will get a leg

  9. Can I pls have a corn my name us Cookie_Muncher pooaniky

  10. Preppygurl2654 is my username and I have been subscribed for 2 years

  11. My user is Uni_dude4 and im sub😊

  12. Hi I hope I win this , my username is Wednsdayrules1

  13. I Wish They added more kinds of Hamsters Like:

    White/Albino/Emerald?. Legendary !

    Calico/Tabi/Black an orange an white. Legendary !

    Black/Grey: Ultra-rare !

    White an Brown spots/White an orange spots. Ultra-rare !

    Brown. Ultra-rare !

    (The rarties are just of they came from a golden corn/rbx)

    If they make like an animal box/gift for money. they the rarities would be more like common. rare. ultra-rare and legendaries.

    This is just what I think. anyone agree? and if so got anyone colors/types I should add!

    Like if you want them to add these! ^

  14. Hi cookie cutter my user is Guji 251 and I don't know any myths because I am 8 years old Please pick me and love your vids

  15. Thaman685 plsss i am subbed so long

  16. Ooo yay the hamster is so cute
    My username: Ilovesloths43009
    I liked and subscribed

  17. MY USER IS avakind2 i rlly want hamster golden corn plsssssss

  18. I got a dimond mahi mahi legndary

  19. Kawaiiareesha is my user and I really want the hamster

  20. Hiii am a bigggggggg fan and I rlly love hamsters and u:)❤️my account is sunny123livia❤

  21. I’m already subbed btw my user is Maxthegoat123m display is furries killer 3000

  22. Please give me the corn thingy I really love the hamster and I am really poor I really want one my unser is:luna_st4rsss and pls pick meeeeeee 3:02

  23. I luv ur vids my I’ve subbed on all my acc username:Br0k3n_R0ast3r

  24. Cookie I am trying to fri3nd u

  25. No_Queen01 i love these hamsters and my friend is a huge fan of hamsters it would make her day as I can’t get her dream pet

  26. Doggydoggycupcake! I want one of these so bad because one of mine passed away when I was younger 😢 If you dont pick me at least someone else is very happy and they do deserve it ❤

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