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BEST Adult App for FIRESTICK – Brand NEW for 2023 – FREE!!

Brand new adult app for your Firestick. Check it out with me today – It’s completely free and so much fun!

0:00 Intro
0:33 Adult app details
1:09 Step-by-step installation
1:25 Install adult app – Step one
2:11 Install adult app – Step two
3:09 Install adult app – Step three
3:46 Install adult app – Step four
3:56 Name of the adult app and how to use
4:44 Close & outro

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  1. I have the 2nd gen 4k max firestick it wouldn't allow me to install the app

  2. I luv ur Top and mini ❤❤❤❤b

  3. Worked great 👍 As an over the road trucker, these kinda apps are awesome. Walmart 18 pack of wash cloths for $7 works way better than anything else I've used in the past 😊

  4. Wen i go on the app i have to restart my firestick as it doesnt let me come out of it. I press the back button but no good. Any ideas.

  5. Too late, I already have my pants down thanks to you

  6. Lovely accent. Where you from?

  7. What if I have Roku tv can I download it also ?

  8. I had my Kleenex and sock ready just watching you explain the install process. Thanks. Great video.

  9. How do I get it on my android mobile?

  10. Amazing. It works! You are amazing

  11. Getting "App not installed", followed all the steps precisely…Using Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Fire TV Home Version 6470105.1

  12. Thank you Tanya, but I get no audio. Only video.

  13. All I get is a white screen. Tried re-installing and re-starting numerous times and no success

  14. Where do you order your corsets from ?

  15. Hi Tanya, maybe I'm doing something wrong but is asking for registration and credit card 😒

  16. I think I'm in love 😍🥵

  17. Thanks Tanya tried this but it didnt download allI got was URL needs Authorization. this is not supported, ??.

  18. Thank you!! I have the biggest crush on you, and it's been about 2 years, of close to it?❤️

  19. What I really love about the app is the auto video rotation. Everytime I re-open the app I get new videos. Amazing 🤩

  20. Great vid as always Tanya but the app is rubbish. It doesn't play full length videos

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