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Till Lindemann

Song is “SCHTIEL” .. Thanks for watching..
Your Jane from Czech Republic 🙂



  1. Till ist der schönste Mann, den ich je gesehen habe ❤❤❤😊

  2. I would give up my virginity for him… and then I would say, auf Wiedersehen, Till

  3. Зря он Арию поёт. Отстой. Но Линдеманн – офигенный мужик, не отнять…

  4. Hes absolutely gorgeous and there is no point denying it but more than anything the guy has a beautiful voice. I'd like him to sing to me as much as I'd like to commit ruderies

  5. J'adore Till Lindemann ❤❤
    Rammstein pour la vie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I love Lindeman ❤️❤️❤️

  7. like i got in truble when i played there stuff at my grandmas and i was wondering what till look like and i was damn yah if we could find till look alike that would be some hot company aww exspically if he had a german actsent to excuse my spellin

  8. @GrungieGirl87 song – Schtiel

  9. i think till is a pretty good looking guy i wish to find some close to looking like that

  10. Calm Wind schwieg weiße Möwe auf dem Boden ja ja ja, ich liebe ihn noch sang eine Arie russischen Ich bin im Schockzustand

  11. Hi, guys! This is a song of the Russian group called Aria, the song is called "Calm", it's about the cruel fate of the ship's crew in the dead calm.


  13. @GrungieGirl87 The song is called "Schtiel". Translated to English's like "Calm".

  14. @kittyminky1 is das jetzt ne frage oder aussage, wenn es's ne Frage is: ja er kann russisch

  15. This song is russian rock band Aria. In the performance of Till.

  16. What is 2:08 from? That would make one kick ass screen saver!

  17. Till ist meineLliebe auch.=)

  18. till lindemann si e nomer 1

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