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Gerald Swindle’s Recent Facebook Post Is A MUST Read For All Bass Anglers…

Randy comments on Gerald Swindle’s Facebook post..#bass #fish #fishingtrip #bassfishing #catchandrelease #fishing #fishingdaily #angler #fishinglife #livescope

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  1. For me, there's 2 primary benefits to FFS… One obviously being that it's easier to find your target. Two is that it will fine tune your techniques based on the reaction you observe on the scope.
    This is all I need in order to conclude there should be NO FFS for tournaments. I wouldn't have any problem with pros using it for practice to improve their techniques, but using it on game day to know where to toss their bait is a whole other story. They aren't using it in a tournament to "improve their skills", their using it to find the winning fish. Winning a fishing tournament should be just that "Winning"… But FFS in a tournament means you "FOUND" the trophy more than you actually "won" it. IMO anyhow.
    We don't need easter egg hunts, we need fishing tournaments.

  2. Ok so you want ban some of the main sponsors technology who support the fishing industry?? We banning outboards next? Paddles? You don't need cover hole lake part of the mystery!!! U can stay in this acre here!

  3. This is possibly my favorite video. The fact you talk about the bass out in the deep offshore that need to be protected. I think it is very important as well. That's what keeps our fisheries healthy. Then they go out there and start ripping fish from deep undisturbed waters. It's killing the fish.

  4. Let’s keep bass fishing elite! Only people who work hard and pay their dues should be able to bass fish. Freeloading, EBT eating, Medicaid using, palm up weaklings should not be allowed to participate in leisure activities if they dont work for it.

  5. It’s not just a state of bass fishing…It’s a state of the world. Let’s be men and take it back.

  6. To compete in most BASS tournaments, you need to catch 18-22 lbs per day. Except for Lake Fork. It’s been that way for many years. So regardless of what the FFS guys are doing, you still have to catch 18-22 lbs. per day… A lot of the “older” guys aren’t doing that, even with the FFS guys out of their way doing their own thing, fishing “different” fish.

  7. I understand prefect, it's called good sportsmen ship to the Bass in a cat and mouse game, we only need basic tools and skills. we don't even need to see under the water as that is his world and we kind of already know what it would look like being mapped for 30years with depthfinders, I view live scope as a handicap for someone needing a lot of help to look good, show me wearing a blind fold if even a blind man can catch a fish.

  8. Ray Scott would throw up today if he saw the amount of electronics on a typical tourney boat none the less FFS.

  9. Randy enoughs enough. Forward facing sonar is here to stay. They are not the minority. It is another technique that you need to learn. If u call yourself a pro figure it out.. Don’t be mad because you can’t figure it out. If you spent as much time working on livescope vs bitching about it you would be a superstar. This is just clickbait. I am done watching your channel. I do agree that 2,3, and 4 forward facing transducers are too much and should be limited. They spent the time to learn how to use it and figure out how to catch them it’s not just put it on the boat and they jump in the live well. They worked just as hard as you or harder to figure it out. It’s no different than using an 8ft flipping stick to be silent when flipping shallow weeds. You have to be quiet and stalk bass to do that too. Run ur big motor and go flip some bushes see how good you do. You have to be quiet and stalk your prey to do that too. Go Ben Miliken

  10. I dont think FFS is a good thing but these young anglers have been fishing since they were old enough to hold a rod. They have the experience to compete. However, They embraced something that is here to stay. Can't fault them.

  11. i agree randy thank you tar heel bassin

  12. Jason Christie should be the odds on favorite at the Classic, but FFS makes that a highly unlikely scenario. Watch out for the rookies.

  13. It may not be right for you. Every angler is diffrent. So not ban it all together. Just the pros and tournaments. 😂😂😂😂

  14. The ignorant people running the organizations ain’t never gonna ban it ,guess who is, the states fish and wildlife departments,the Crappie population decreasing dramatically will eventually make it illegal to possess FFS on a watercraft,I hope Virginia is one of the first states to do so!

  15. I’m glad I listened to the entire video before I posted this. I feel your pain BUT I’m a realist, and I KNOW that the powers that be are not going to submit to the (traditionalist) for the exact reason you stated MONEY! I haven’t watch the Lake Fork tournament yet but if the guys caught more fish, which means the camera had more action to put in front of the viewer/consumer audience, who has to try this method of fishing at a local tournament or just for recreation, they’ve accomplished their mission, which is to sale a product to fulfill a desired end. It was, it is, and forever will be about the money!

  16. I can not watch any tournament where every time an angler is on camera he is staring down at his livescope. I immediately turn off the channel because it is boring to watch. I’m sure there are many other anglers that feel the same way.I totally agree that it should be banned from tournaments.

  17. Livescope isn't about fishing. it's about winning. Its a gross sum collection of fish. At this point, after bass fishing since i was 6 yrs old (40+ years ago), and i dont feel a connection anymore at all to the sport in its modern form.

    I used to keep up with the sport, with honest interest in how guys were catching solid bags. Now, when i hear of guys catching 35lbs stringers, multiple 8 + pounders in a day, i dont even read up on it. It means nothing any more

  18. Swindle hasn't done much over his career. His gift of gab is better than his fishing skills. He doesn't need to win to continue making the big bucks.

  19. Randy your views on FFS are really ridiculous. If it comes to the prolonging the resources we have and stuff like that then the side imaging graphs you have on your boat violates that belief. Every 8:1 gear ratio reel you have to make it faster to reel a fish in is an advantage your giving your self over the fish.

  20. Let’s just get rid of tournament fishing all together

  21. Randy everytime you make a whining video you make yourself out to be a washed up has been. If you value your wisdom then make videos that pass that knowledge and wisdom down to the next generation without complaining about the future

  22. Randy, I listen and consider your comments even though I may or may not agree however, when you state and say to "the 20% don't have the mental capaisty to understand what I'm talking about"… You lost me. Insulting anyone does not prove your point, position or opinion. Stick with the facts Randy, Check out the MLF biologist data concerning catches and FFS. Good luck, calm down, go fish..

  23. When the only relevance you have is to get online and bitch about modern technology.

    Used to be you just drive down to your local Burger King and order a black coffee and sit there with the other 6-8 other grandpas with nothing to do and bitch about everything you don’t understand. Randy’s too lazy to drive to BK…..so here we are.

  24. All they care about is the money

  25. randy i may not agree with everything you say, but the part where you said "those fish need that water out there where they can get out there and live undisturbed." many hunters know these as sanctuary areas and understand how vital they are to protecting the resource you are hunting. very well said and with this sir, i could not agree more.

  26. Randy, you’re a 🤡
    Go away, you’re irrelevant now. Every single person who made the Elites series this year would beat the brakes off of you without any graphs at all.

    FFS is amazing. It’s going to GROW the sport by injecting youth which will drive innovative techniques which drives the industry to create new products to stay relevant. Look at the last 15 years of this sport. It’s evolving continuously. Technology will level out at some point and boundaries will be set. But overall this is a great time to be a bass angler and I’m looking forward to watching this sport become more mainstream and legitimate. When that happens, money will flood in. Anglers at the elite levels will be paid for there competition instead of paying entry fees. It will become a real sport instead of an exclusive pay to play club built on a meritocracy framework.

  27. Results are all that matters. Leave your lame ass nostalgia behind!

  28. F@ck traditional bass fishing, let's move on!!

  29. Those bedding fish need a break also…

  30. That's what I like about you, man. You speak your mind.

  31. I love how quite it is, it's only quite on days with no bass tournaments . Let's stop all bass tournaments! No Lawrence live scoop either. Lol

  32. Randy just rubs me wrong, I can't say what it is, he just rubs me wrong.

  33. Don't hate the player hate the game. Name of the game is to catch the biggest and most fish. Use whatever tools are allowed. Technology advances. Cry babies is all I hear.

  34. It's truly sad this is what it's become your right about it all if they won't ban it they should have separate tournament without it so those that enjoy the sport can still enjoy it at end of the year have the winner from both go head to head in a super bowl tournament with no electronics to see who wins bet it will be the one that doesn't use ffs keep the fight going

  35. I think it goes over your head Randy if you think any one of these professional rookies learned how to fish by playing video games. More than likely they all learned by flipping and pitching. In fact one of them only throws a dam jig. And yeah a 19 tray McKinney is leading lake fork but let’s be honest his electric setup is one of the few things that got him there. How about the money spent? How about the fact that some people are just embarrassed to lose at something they have been doing twice as long as someone else. As if someone younger can’t have more passion and desire for the sport cause if you listen to any one of them talk they all talk about loving to fish and what a dream it’s been and how it’s all they thought about…not man I loved playing video games four years ago when I was 15

  36. No one is talking about the fact ur seeing a lot of anglers just out of high school or even just starting college being able to compete in these tourneys and stand with the best of em. Wasn't there like a 19 year old that was in the top 10 at fork. You rarely saw that back then if ever most of the guys we knew starting back then where in there 20s to mid 20s sometimes older and that's not the case anymore.

  37. So the bass off shore should be protected from FFS but its ok to pluck spawners off of beds on shorelines
    Your arguments are hollow

  38. It’s not fishing it’s electronics reading

  39. I couldnt believe Ben didnt say anything on that podcast the other day when you were leaving and wished him luck.

  40. its killing bass fishing . And the fact is they can't fish without it.

  41. Anybody else smell that? (sniff, sniff) Smells like butthurt.

  42. Randy I said it’s the new way the old way is dead because how are you gonna outfish a drone? I dont agree with it whatsoever,and why a certain crowd seems totally prepared for the new age seems like someone ain’t telling us something, but the fact that I haven’t heard anything from any state, the leagues a game warden the kid at the dock ,someone say, we’re at least having a meeting about it,!! don’t know man the other end is silent. Money is definitely rolling.

  43. I am selling all of my live scope set up just need depthfinder its really took the fun out of fishing

  44. Uncle Randy is so right. Let’s keep at it and get bass fishing back to how it is supposed to be.

  45. I am not a tournament angler, don't travel all over the country fishing, I do not care what the pros use. I will never waste money on a fishing unit because I fishing shallow. I am so tired of people on podcasts and social media winning about this subject. For God's sake buy one or don't but shut up

  46. Keep up the good work exactly no Alabama rig but you can sight fish with FFS are they all hooked in the mouth is my question

  47. You have this right, FFS erased decades of experience which is no longer needed.

    And the fish no longer have places to hide and escape fishing pressure.

    It is not an enjoyable spectator sport either. I would prefer to see casting and not catching rather than guys trolling, looking at their electronics and not casting at all unless there is a target.

    And I believe crappie fishermen will see damage to fish populations in the coming years.

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