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Strip Club

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Storyboards + character animation + backgrounds + co-directed by the one man animation army @Zeurel :




  1. I’m wit you Swooz, I’m THAT friend. I’m 33 and I’ve never been to a strip club, never had the desire to go, and don’t want to go…

  2. That last joke got me laughing also I’m very curious of what the Uber was doing! if I was a Uber driver and I saw some ppl fightin g on the street I wouldn’t just sit there then let the ppl who were fighting into my car XD I would call the police or something

  3. This is exactly what I would do

  4. This animation is top notch man look the expressions

  5. So you did not even think about jumping in😂

  6. I think i saw verbalse in one scene😂

  7. That’s exactly what I do every night what you prefer to do

  8. Why the hell this is better animated than the other videos

  9. 3:06 the cuphead announcer I can’t 😂

  10. love the cuphead reference Swooz!

  11. This guy needs his own cartoon show lol.

  12. Does anyone else understand why the strip club says TNA? It’s a brand tallu lu northern athletics chicks wear but also stands for tits and ass

  13. Man I thought you were a man you know. If I were you I would drink with the homies 🍻you know try to get some "dancers" numbers even join in on the fight

  14. Bro I absolutely LOVE the way Zeurel animates, it matches swoozie’s story telling so well 🤩

  15. The part where the Game of thrones dude was putting the broders to sleep was funny 😂😂😂😂

  16. Am a girl am kind SO DO YOU THINK THAT GIRL

  17. Remember the ice boy name? Pretty messed up

  18. apretiate voice acting and animation

  19. 3:04 “now I have to act…” WALLOP!

  20. Why am I only just now getting this my recommendations

  21. If the biggest dude in your group is in bed at the beginning of the fight, we got a problem!

  22. Dude, i feel the same way about strip clubs, never been to one, don't want to

  23. This is fucking hilarious

  24. The way how animated nicole punching richard in tv is just pure gold

  25. i felt that, im not even supposed to be here energy in my soul.

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