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how to reach $1,000 nights on webcam+ story time how I began to feel worthy | cam girl tips

Y’all take the information in cause yall know I will never make this type of video again lol! If you’d like more and talk to me one on one, Patreon link is below πŸ™‚

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  1. My favorite women on xhamster
    [ Stacy420 ] [ Toomuchbooty33 ] 😱 [ Talma ] [ AnnaSue ] [ DARKTEMPTATION36 ] [ CURVEYDOLLXX ] [ TAMARA_FULKERS ] [ Lily2_ ] [ Naughty_jasmine ] [ Sweet_Tyra_1 ] [ LopezAssy2 ] [ NastyJazz ] [ darkberry992 ] [ Hotpancake20 ] [ rihanna_abiodun ] [ DAQ_SQIN4 ] [ sweetchocolate_54 ] [ Wet_bunny001 ] [ curvyebony94 ] [ BigBootyGoddess37 ] [ YvetteCute ] [ Sexy_Sharntel ] [ EbonyBabyxx ]

  2. How did you get your client to send you over zelle? Did he find you on your socials and you guys discussed taking payment off platform?

  3. Which cam sites are the best?

  4. Maybe ask him/them what their best offer would be?

  5. Thank you babe !!! This advice helped me out a whole lot. I'm becoming a cam model in March of this year love!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€.

  6. Heyy. My question is do you start to get money right away?

  7. Heyyy so my first week cb i made 1000$ and 200$ camsoda i do 2-4 hr streams but I’m realizing your right i definitely need to start staying longer to maximize my earning potential because you definitely will have slow days!

  8. Do you not work with an agency?

  9. Im noticing a lot of people wanting to exchange numbers… Doesnt sound the safest. Is that how you would get these take home numbers though? Just sending venmo first? Not sure what to trust if things extend beyond the site but getting lots of "text me" offers.

  10. I remember my first 1000$ made on bonga cams… that was my first camsite… I was extremely motivated to improve my technical side, got camera, made my room look like a luxury hotel apartment, and I really enjoyed it. That really helped increasing my income.

  11. What platforms could I watch your shows? I'd really like to see you one day on Bongacams. I'm there every day, there are a lot of cool models to chat with

  12. Your story resonates with me so well ..that feeling of worthiness is deep . I had to get use to it ..I fell off so has I want that good thing no , that great thing . And that's exactly why I won't leave the biz till I see my Fullest Potential … As a mentor I noticed we girls older and young struggle with self worth . I pray ..yes pray that this year is my year to be in a place both physically and mentally where I can see my Fullest growth financially spiritually and mentally. Ps you are both pretty and beautiful and we'll spoken and w'ell deserving of every dime earned ❀❀❀❀❀

  13. Thank you so much girly I been in the industry for 15 years yes!!!! 15 .. Off and on .. I use to mentor women in the biz back I. 2012-15 and you hit everything on the head even for me I struggle with consistency . And setting my prices was once a struggle too . Many people ask me why sm I still in the industry… I often say #1 I love entertaining in the most playful and seductive way but my most person reason is because I have to reach and maintain my cam girl financial goal . Yet I try not to beat myself up so much because I have to take in to account that cam modeling is a Commission based job so to speak ….some days you hit your goal and if I'm being honest , even with much experience I have logged in and made absolutely 0 ! Zilcth lol nada .. then log back on the next day and Bam ! Then I quit fir a week or so then come running back broke lol like oooooh I need to make this Mula ! It's been a up and down roller coaster ..not to mention some of us girls have ADHD . And possible other mental or medical issues that might stand in the wat if us staying consistent, ❀❀❀❀ thank you bunches new subbie ❀❀❀

  14. I saw you in Streamate, Flirt4Free and Camsoda. But which one did you like best?

  15. I definitely need a schedule i really have to treat it like a job fr and i haven't been doing that.

  16. What site are you on because most sites pay models in tokens

  17. This was very helpful thank you!! can you tell me what site pays the 50% every other cam site pays models only 30%

  18. Webcam model here my name is Layla as well ❀

  19. Do you know anything about cam sharks?

  20. What cam sites do you recomend?

  21. Could you make a video on how to file your taxes with the webcam?

  22. thank you for sharing, I've watched your video and I like it.. always success

  23. Thanks for all your advice, one thing that had me confused is where you said β€œgross & net” but once you’ve ended your show you walk away with everything in your wallet. When you stated gross/net I went looking to see where that’s located on the site but no luck. Had me thinking I was only gonna get 50% of my 15,629 in my wallet but camsoda said I get all. So is it that when someone send $2 camsoda deducts it then give you 50% Thanks girlyπŸ’•

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