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Premium Snapchat – set up, make money and promote in 2023

Hi guys! Thanks for watching! Here’s my guide on how to finesse with Snapchat setting up a premium Snapchat subscription.

Hit me up on twitter if you have questions! https://twitter.com/violetfirelove

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  1. you can't get banned if you post nude content on your premium snap or in messages?

  2. I really need your help.. I had a snap account with 6 years worth of memories, including my dog who may not live much longer and my best friend who recently passed away. I posted “this is a private snap but also a fan account of me and my boyfriend” and I tried to take a photo of my dog today and realized I was permanently locked from my account. I’m shaking and crying and I don’t know what to do. Is there any way to get my photos of my dog and best friend back?

  3. Thank you for all the tips! 🤍

  4. Hey love, loved the video. Can i get a shoutout? thickskiii23

  5. So i got over a 100+ adds from this girl who does spicy content and I started a priv it only cost 2$ for now so i can get 50 out the 100 people to know im legit n stuff

  6. Hello dear what is your Snapchat name so I can add you I do sell my content to but I don't have much people that do buy

  7. I have a question when u first started making your premium Snapchat what things did u offer for people to have your snap and what price fee u went with for people to have the Snapchat I’m thinking of making one but trying to figure out how I wanna do things

  8. So how do you set your Snapchat to premium though?

  9. I would never do a lifetime subscription… And here’s why. You want to give yourself the opportunity each year as your expenses grow, and as inflation grows the opportunity to charge more.

    I would charge a larger upfront cost for “one year “ or six months. Something that doesn’t lock you in to this one price for the rest of your life.

  10. Hey girl! I’m so new to Snapchat, do you get paid through the platform? And when you do customs, is that through the platform as well?

  11. @shroomiegirl420 for a shoutout ❤❤❤❤

  12. Thank you for making this video. I’m just starting out and so it’s a little confusing.

  13. What's your snap chat to help with this

  14. Just started my premium. Shouts outs please Alyssa_ryannb

  15. Hey girl can you please get a hold of me. Interested in your mentorship program!!!

  16. Can guys do this?? I wanna do this

  17. Lmaooo😂😂😂 i look up how to make money on snap

  18. Damn they some simps on snap chat.
    gotta respect the finesse tho lol

  19. Do I need to add them as a friend to do this????

  20. Understood not one thing you were saying not one,, all I understood is flirt with men, Street worker… Wow

  21. I’m confused how you set it up ???

  22. So they don’t pay through Snapchat? So you have like a cash app or something set up?

  23. What if you're a guy wanting to do it???

  24. How do you even create Snapchat premium ? Also are you still doing sfs on snap?

  25. Would also love a shout out

  26. I love that you say selling a fantasy cause I use that like a lot with my friends! Thanks for the sis tips you just got a new subscriber!

  27. Omg where are you from. I just watched another video of yours and I can relate to you soo much ❤️ I’m in ny. Would love to meet you 😊

  28. I would love a shout out on snap please 😊

  29. Please make more about Snapchat!! Very helpful🥰

  30. I haven’t watched the video yet but I know how to sell on snap I’m honestly rlly good at it an girls say u need to make a menu an stuff I don’t even have a menu my stuff is just cheap so it’s like I get more ppl from that but anyways I’ve literally had 5 phones an their all banned on Snapchat an I just sent 3 in on Amazon that have Snapchat bans so hopefully they don’t clock my tea an not give me the full money they were gonna give me but anyways when I get the money ima buy two new phones just for Snapchat lol but like I still don’t understand how some ppl don’t get banned the first time I started selling my nudes I got like 30 reports tbh even more an they never banned me but now on my new phones they get banned quick asf so I have guys give me their old accounts an it makes it easier to stay a lil longer but idk how y’all don’t get banned

  31. Wait guys still use Snapchat?! I thought they all moved to Twitter! Tbh, I much prefer Snapchat so this is exciting! Thanks for sharing xo

  32. I started onlyfans last year, but I don’t have a separate Snap from my personal, I mainly use Twitter. I’d love to make a Snapchat and buy a shoutout from you!!

  33. Dating sites are trash those guys wanna meet in person and the minute you crush that dream and tell them to pay they get your account banned

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