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My Uncle Told Me To Stay Quiet While He 'Finished'

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  1. If I was you i won't keep the baby that was form by force

  2. Come on people it just a story, this is Me Too making this story up. Thing like this is just a fantasy in someone sick mind.

  3. Did he get a chance to reply to these allegations???

  4. This is sad and sick at the same time. No grown man should ever do this to a family member or anyone that young and her uncle deserves every second of his prison sentence.

  5. Lots mentally sick people in the comment section.

  6. I never believed in God. And such videos remind me why.

  7. God bless yall on what yall do always

  8. Show me the female predators cause it’s a lot of them MFs

  9. -Ha ha ha ha , the laughter is so serve I couldn't contain myself .she had to be that person to keep someone else child that isn't her significant. Whether this story is true or false these females shouldn't be that naive in keeping their Grapist offspring

  10. Something similar happened to me, so my parents are divorced and they both have a lover, my dad has a girlfriend who has a son, and my mom has a husband with no kids. So i live with my mom the most but when i am with my dad i used to play with my stepbrother who is 15 and i was 12. So i really liked playing with my stepbrother until one day…He hears that i am on my period and runs into my room, i asked him what was wrong but he did not say anything. Then he suddenly layed on me(btw i was sitting on my bed)and he r@ped me, i cried and cried until my eyes hurted. Maybe a week after i finally told my parents the truth. I was so lucky not to get pregnant, so my stepbrother got sent to jail for hes behavior. It still scares me till this day…

  11. I am a boy and I had the same from a cousin I was 12 and he was 15.😢😢

  12. It's there culture . It's OK . 🍆🌶

  13. This was done to me by three step-sisters, and a male family friend. I couldn't go to my stepfather because he hated the sight of me so much, he got his jollies off on beating, humiliating, and torturing me every day. I went to my mom once, but nothing ever came of it because she was afraid of losing her home and getting kicked out. This happened daily for 16 years starting when I was 5 years old.

  14. I know these things really do happen, but what's really sad (other than the fact that some people get away with it) is that a lot of innocent men r accused of this crap while female rapists/abusers pretend to b the victims Doesn't matter if it's a guy or girl that does these things it's still wrong and disgusting, and the real people responsible need to b locked up (not the innocent)

  15. Some men are just so insensitive how could he do this

  16. My mom's brother 😢😢 it started with me being overly friendly with him.. and he took it a advantage.. it began with him touching my ears and neck then wearing the same coloured night suit like me.. i was too innocent for this game and i used to like it when he did these playful stuff..it then went on to tapping my bum cheeks when standing near the sink taking me on bikes to eat junk😢😢one fine day when my parents were gone to hoapital coz my dad was sick with fever he literally grabbed me. I was too innocent to even know sex at 14 years. He made me take off the clothes and made me hold his p and rub it. I remeber i had not even fully developed at that time.. he then pressed me to bed and thats when it started oaining i started struggling wiggling and crying to stop, he dint.. i understood hes the bad guy.. i wasn't able to walk properly for 2 days or so.. i became extremely introverted. 10 years have passed since that evening… he is happily married 2 kids and acts so normal at family gatherings.. the mental trauma he gave me his hands over my body pinning my hands down i can still feel everything so well God will see to it

  17. May god blessed everyone and im really sorry if everyone uncle did that when everyone grow up like it’s not fair for a uncle do that to it niece also i had a friend once but things didn’t work out cause she was asking me inappropriate things and my friend used me plus i though i could trust her but she used me aka it’s similar to you guys story but my is different cause it been a year that my friend lost my trust

  18. Not uncle but another a man 👨 for her the family

  19. Gay incest harms no one between consensual adults.

  20. I feel so bad, as I should. Nobody should have to go through this at ALL. This world is terrible. Mankind is a disease.

  21. I was 5 when my half brother in his 20s molested me. I went my WILD CHILD self and yelled! My Father knocked and entered my room. I told my Dad he was trying nasty stuff dad. I told my dad what he tried and did. My dad THREW HIM OUT! Made mom get his thing out of our home. At 5 I called that GARBAGE Out. It's the MAN in the home that makes it a F A M I L Y !! My father is gone, my son and my Grand baby will be Just Like Me and My late Father. They will know what is simply right.

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