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🐹 Hamster Escapes the Granny Maze on Halloween 🐹 Homura Ham Pets

Chapter 1 – Hamster Halloween Maze with Granny by Homura Ham Pets!
In this hamster story, you will see the fun Halloween adventures of my funny pet hamster, Dandy! Today he was trapped in the Scary House, where he is haunted by Grenny. To get out of this maze, he needs to overcome many obstacles and traps! Will he manage to escape?
This obstacle course and all the traps are made of cardboard, paper and other soft materials.

Chapter 2: Hamster Escapes the Granny Maze with Grandpa – https://youtu.be/IBZNf7NswX0
Chapter 3: Hamster Escapes the Granny House Maze – https://youtu.be/siKuDONM8bs

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Music: epidemicsound.com



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