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Add Beauty Filter to OBS Studio WITHOUT using Snap Camera!

When I heard about Snap Camera getting shut down, I knew that I couldn’t be the only one that was going to need an alternative to the skin filter options they had available.

I discovered a new option after a lot of investigating and wanted to make sure that other people knew where to find it as well.

To download the DeBlemish Filter Script for the skin-smoothing beauty filter on OBS Studio, head to:

Extract the file.

Copy or move the .lua file into your OBS scripts folder. Mine was:
C:Program Files (x86)obs-studiodataobs-pluginsfrontend-toolsscripts

Then, head to the tools menu in your OBS program and click Scripts.

Go to the + sign there to add the file and then boom, it’s installed.

This video was inspired by @nuttylmao’s video about Snap Camera shutting down. You can watch that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU8Jq6It8o4
Also, shout out to @StreamScheme and @Senpai for always insisting that Twitch creators make YouTube videos. They inspired this as well. haha

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I hope you had fun learning how to install a beauty filter onto OBS Studio without using Snap Camera and hopefully I get the chance to see you at one of my live streams!



  1. Are other people gonna be able to know that I'm using this tho? I mean without me telling them, can they clock it somehow

  2. Thank you so muchh BBKylee!! I enjoy your vide and its so informative, Queen <3

  3. im so white the shit wont work πŸ™

  4. thank you for this sassy tutorial πŸ™‚ it works

  5. Is there a beauty filter for facebook live

  6. Completely on board with you! Do we even need eyebrows? Like no, get away hairy worm, make way for beauty!

  7. i don't know i'm more white than as ghost so i didn't be able to find my color always pixelize never smooth nothing change T.T

  8. Very helpful, thanks! I hate having to use Snap Camera, and this gives me a good alternative in case it stops working or I need some extra skin touching up.

  9. It did not work for my zit πŸ™

  10. this guy is funny in a fast and clever way man love it. i used zoom but now im at google meet and i felt like an orc. This works perfectly now im just regular ugly

  11. This is the BEST tutorial for an OBS noob like me, thank you!<3

  12. Do you happen to know how the heck streamers from China are able to edit their face shape for live streams? I also seen twitch users with this type of plugin used but idk what it even is 😭

  13. I hate people who needlessly drag this out by being extra/sassy etc. If you are making a tutorial, just do it. This is so annoying. Going to gind another video.

  14. Thank you so much. I just wanted a bit of a blush on my skin, and snap camera is taking too much GPU Usage when using Blush Filters. This is just perfect! <3

  15. A month ago I used Snap Camera but now it's completely dead, it still breaks my heart… Why did they do this to us? :C

  16. please reset to default settings

  17. eeep i'm new to obs, thx ily sexy.

  18. Thank you, really helpful!

  19. THank you! I'll def come hangout with you!

  20. Do I even need that eyebrow Haaa

  21. hahahahah ur funnier than the fawk thank u. idk why im even watching this.. i try but this too much try. but thank u for the giggle

  22. Damm! It doesn’t work for me..show mask is just one black screen

  23. Hello, do you know how can i add the filter on streamlabs obs ? I can't find it .. I put it in the file as you said but i dont know how to add it it's not there

  24. Why wont it let me open this onmy mac?? it tells me i need to download an app from the app store that supports this type of file in order to open it. None of your vids are helping me and that sucks cause i actually enjoy watching your vids and following your instructions is super easy!
    i just got bad luck i guess

  25. UGHH Doesn't work in Canada!
    Does anyonne know of a filter to make your body slimmer/curvy on OBS?
    It would be HUGELY appreciated!!

  26. Thank you! THAT is exactly what I've been looking for. πŸ’‹

  27. You're so entertaining! AND informative. I'm glad I found your channel =)

  28. "If you have any questions don't ask me" LMFAO! So relatable. Thank you.

  29. for some reason when i click show mask it makes the entire camera preview black

  30. Whenever I do this, it puts the colour all in my background as well, how do you make it just focus on your face and skin?

  31. This is awesome, thank you so much!!

  32. English! the backwards to think. To speak. What to do. Let's see. Y'know? And like… Yes girl.

  33. Thank you so much β€β€β€β€πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

  34. Anyway to do this on my mac ?

  35. I've been streaming for almost a year now and couldn't find a skin softener filter that really worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  36. heya! found your video from a comment left on reddit. i couldnt get this to work no matter how hard i tried… but i came across your video on getting dixper and i've been using it! i found a couple of the effects filters i could mess with and it works well enough for now. thank you for your videos! also the eyeliner is sharp πŸ˜‰

  37. Ty so mucccccch you're the best!

  38. god damn you're awesome. thanks a lot special friend! I got an idea though haven't tried it, but what if I duplicate the filter after I adjusted everything and like make a few more of the same filter to make it more extreme. Have you maybe tried it like that?

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