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Human ashtray pov



  1. Wow your amazing thank you:)

  2. Brothers run from lust as much as you can. I know its hard. But you can do it. Trust me there is a better life than this.

  3. I will do anything you want Babe!!!!!

  4. after listening to that I don't even want to be a man anymore

  5. Yes u are so demanding an I will obey u

  6. I will kneel before you just so you can use my mouth as your ashtray or anything else

  7. Hello beautiful morning love you body sexy 😘 smoking love ❀ very good πŸ‘ 😘 ❀ πŸ’• long nails love you 😍 thanks goodness xxxxx

  8. I want to be your ashtray my sadist goddess

  9. Wow! You’re so mean and harsh and demanding. I totally respect and appreciate you. You’ve said it all. The only thing left is to obey πŸ™„

  10. It’s a skill to be this sexy, powerful and dominant.Wow!! To witness such superiority!!!

  11. Sono il tuo schiavo, mistress

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