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Inside A Secret Russian Brothel: Stacey Dooley Investigates

Prostitution is illegal in Russia, and while some escorts find a loophole in the law by charging for their time, many sex workers are not afforded the same luxury. Stacey Dooley hits the streets and the brothels to talk to the women who deal with robbery and abuse on a regular basis. For them, it is all part of earning a living.

You can watch the full episode on the BBC Three iPlayer page here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p03m5lln/stacey-dooley-investigates-sex-in-strange-places-3-russia

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  1. It is a social service, if not. They would be more rapes.. why the rpeorter is a female? Playing the card of victimize. Those girls makes money, simple as that…. weird people is everywhere. Here in US a lot of shootings.

  2. Girls? These are babushkas, no wonder they are so cheap..

  3. These women are disgusting. What men would wanna pay to be with a woman that looks like a man and talks like a man

  4. Slav and arab ho3s are everywhere 🤮

  5. it is the dark side as you said grim side of life

  6. russia trip cancel mission Netherlands starts 😂✌💎💙😨😨😨

  7. Russian cost in Russia > 2200🤣
    Russian price in india > 6000
    Plz Russian girls come to India we want cheap Russian

  8. Pommy Stacey flies to Russian to complain about prostitution when HER own country is filled with corrupt and dangerous prostitution. Isn't that the Act of a Charlatan. Stacey then lectures on how superior she is to other Countries so she can get good telly ratings. Sycophant. Making the British feel nice and smug. So the Corrupt Conservative Government gave Stacey an MBE. That is crass. Come to New Zealand Stacey so we can lecture you on your hypocrisy.

  9. For god shake with all the propaganda..is anything real anymore

  10. Prostitution should be illegal not cause of the government decide so, but its inhuman to legalise a business where humans have to sell their bodies for a loaf of bread.

  11. I love this pace went there last year thanks girls

  12. omg, they are not girls but old ladies

  13. Херня полная. Грантоедки нашли самый дешёвый бордель с возрастными дамами чтобы жути нагнать.
    Надо же бабло отрабатывать. Вторая древнейшая…
    В реальности всё гораздо лучше и приличнее.
    Ножи, кастеты, пистолеты… как они через рамки в метро проходят;)?

  14. Why didn´t the woman reporter say what stuff cost there as America money goes so will know what she is talking about when she mentions money prices or under the video in sentences ?.

  15. Rest in the good news 💐🌑👍 Okay Bye

  16. Communism results are yielding finally

  17. Yes. You are right. It is behaving like an ostrich. Where are you from? Also, have you visited the Netherlands or Germany?

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