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Fat sexi girl's belly



  1. Before recording a video, I drank a 2 liter Pepsi bottle at a time. My fat belly began to gurgle very loudly because of the gases in Pepsi. It is just a wonderful sound. This sound has been haunting me for 2 years. My belly constantly gurgles at school, because I drink a lot of soda, I like that I can not stop. I LOVE PEPSI❤️❤️❤️

  2. Try to gain as much weight as possible to a point that you can’t do sit-ups 🙂

  3. i dare you to have 9 pepsis and 3 coco colas it will be really big then

  4. I liked it when you were so winded 😉

  5. Careful because of 0.16 or youtube will take action. I hope it doesn’t cause ur doing a great job.

  6. Don't exercise too much or you'll lose weight

  7. 7:53, Big, swollen and sore, you're growing so well.;)

  8. Since you drink a lot if Pepsi u should make a burp video?

  9. you should narrate how stuffing makes you feel. reading descriptions makes your weight gain seem more sexy than it is

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