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8 Biggest Animals of their Kind!

From marine giants to feline hybrids, here are the 10 biggest animals of their kind!

Number 8 Black Sea Hare
You’ll need an entire salt shaker to take down this big boy. The Aplysia vaccaria, or the black sea hare is the world’s biggest sea slug. This creature can grow to be over 30-pounds, which means that it’s a slug that’s the size of a cat. Land dwelling slugs aren’t as massive but they do have some things to brag about. The aptly-named Limax maximus, for example, has a gravity-defying reproductive organ. It’s almost as big as the slug itself, which is why they have to reproduce while upside down. That’s called a champagne problem
Number 7 Giant Mosquito
This next giant creature sucks so hard it could be the star in an xHamster video. While definitely not the most bizarre thing (Can you have ppl in masks here) to come out of China lately, this giant mosquito is certainly noteworthy. Discovered in April 2018, its wingspan exceeded 4 inches while its body was almost 2 inches. That makes it 10 times larger than your average skeeter. Known as Holorusa mikado, the species is known for its tremendous size. However, the specimen found in the Sichuan Province was way above average. After an application process that lasted several months, the Guinness Book of World Records made it official and crowned it as the largest mosquito ever.
Number 6 Deep Blue
Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth. An exceptional female, known as “Deep Blue”, recently reemerged off the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Considered to be the greatest of the greats in terms of size, the shark measures an estimated 20 feet long and weighs about 2.5 tons. That makes Deep Blue as long as a giraffe and as heavy as a rhino. A team of conservationists spotted the shark and decided to take a swim with her. That decision was bananas enough on its own but the divers also got close enough to actually touch the apex predator. It resulted in some truly amazing, albeit pants wetting photos. We’re guessing Deep Blue had probably had a big lunch since she seemed completely unbothered by the potential snacks floating around her.

Number 4 Mammoth the Horse
Mammoth, a Shire horse from 19th century England, still holds the title as the tallest and heaviest horse ever recorded. He stood at 7 feet tall and, at his heaviest, weighed about 3,360 pounds. He’s the type of horse that can step over a bar rather than walk into it. You could fill a cement truck with all his glue. His peak weight is comparable to that of your average car. But come to think of it, I’m pretty sure horsepower would have a much higher value if they would’ve used Mammoth for reference.
Number 3 Colossal Squid
At their upper limits, colossal squids can get to about 1,500 pounds and 33 feet. These fascinating creatures are believed to be ambush predators that use bioluminescence to attract their victims. They have hooks on their arms and tentacles. It’s not uncommon to see scars from these hooks on the backs of sperm whales, which are the squids’ most frequent predators. The invertebrate giant’s eyes are the size of soccer balls and are the largest set of peepers documented in the animal kingdom. It’s definitely a terrifying creature but you don’t really have to worry about a colossal squid wrapping its tentacles around you as you’re taking dip. They live at depths of several thousand feet.
Number2 Giant Huntsman Spider
While some spiders built intricate webs to trap their prey, others won’t shy away from doing some leg work. One example of this is the giant huntsman spider which uses speed to actively hunt down its prey. It looks like an evil wizard decided to turn an NBA player into a spider. In terms of leg span, the huntsman is the largest spider in the world. There’s some good news for all your arachnophobia sufferers out there, as this spider is only native to Laos and mostly found near cave entrances.
Number 1 Hercules the Liger
With a strong name to match his ridiculous size, Hercules the liger is the world’s largest feline. Ligers are the offspring of male lions and tigresses, which typically grow to be larger than either of their parent species. Hercules was raised by trainer Doc Antle and his team at a wildlife reserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You might be familiar with Antle from Netflix’s “Tiger King” documentary… he was the guy with the soul patch and multiple girlfriends. Hercules weighs close to 1,000 pounds and measures almost 11 feet.



  1. FYCK that spider no, no, and hand me a blow torch… and another great animal unmentioned: THE GIANT NILE CROC named Gustave was near 20 feet, he has been filmed and in water next to the biggest crocs (his family) he was over double their size and triple their width. He could have eaten the next biggest croc on screen in nearly one bite. This croc was megladon of the crocs.. He had a rope burned snout with a sort of missing part from the rope burning through the skin.. he was riddled with bullet holes. He methodically killed humans for sport in some cases. Even in the documentary he kills a local and leaves him lie there.. eats none of him. He was piZZed off the scientists were trying to catch him.. He was killed by the government finally in 2019.. Said to have killed at least 300 humans.. Anyways, "Capturing the Killer Croc" PBS broadcasting special 2004 was his show. Travel Africa Mag.and other media outlets in Africa declared Gustave dead in 2019.

  2. Hi!😁I have not received a notification from y'all in quite a bit so I came looking for ya. Cool vid. I am one of the arachnophobs u spoke of, very happy to learn the huntsmen spider lives no where near me. I have missed ya. I will have to go back n c some of the vids I have missed. You r still cool!😎

  3. Imagine all the calamari you can make with those squids 😂

  4. Never can hear the word "liger" without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite.

  5. uuuuh those where only 7

  6. The slug really got me. What a big boy. I'm usually disgusted by them but he's sort of likeable.

  7. So that was only 8 what happen … to much sunshine ?

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