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Top 10 Best Taboo Movies

Top 10 Best Taboo Movies. Taboo is the unwritten rules of social customs that restrict or forbid people from doing certain things or having relationships with particular people. While a large part of the society adopts a lifestyle suitable for taboos, some people ignore taboos and prefer to live their lives without being bound by traditional rules. Taboo movies tell the stories of people who have romantic relationships, which are generally accepted as forbidden within the framework of social rules and traditions. The best of the taboo movies, which look at taboo relationships both from the eyes of the couples who are in a relationship and from the eyes of their relatives and friends who are aware of the situation, manage to stand out with the successful performances of their actors, actresses and directors. Taboo movies offer such a wide angle that concepts such as cheating wife, age difference, infidelity, and incest suddenly fall into its scope. We reviewed taboo movies from the past to the present. We have selected the best taboo movies that are built on taboo relationships and have prepared our list. In our Top 10 Best Taboo Movies list, you can find movies that feature romance, suspense, and drama.

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  1. For me The Serbian Film 2010…Shock ur Daddy😱

  2. Murmur of the heart was a heavy film to watch

  3. Neil Jordan's 1991 The Miracle also has implied incest. So along with these that film and these ten, there is I Stand Alone, Un dramma borghese, Marguerite & Julien, That Lovely Girl, and the Italian Caligula ripoffs (Caligula… The Untold Story etc).

  4. Ok, for those that didn't catch it: "taboo" means incest

  5. But are any of them any good or just trashy films?

  6. Are US-Americans the most prude people in the world?
    Also Youtube censorship is a bad ting.

  7. Mainstream movies trying for the porn audience are just bad porn that never get there. Men watch porn for reasons other than the story. They dont need any story at a all. Men make up their own, or the actreess look like one of our favorite lovers.

  8. Absolutely epic! I'm hitting replay immediately! 🔄 👄👄👄🍆🍆🍆

  9. Absolutely mind-blowing! I'm shook! 😱 👄👄👄🍌🍌🍌

  10. A good addition to this list would be Spanking the Monkey.

  11. Caligula is not a taboo movie it is a bad porn film that hired top talent to try and give it class

  12. Murmur of the Heart is a masterpiece!

  13. Is these movies are full open movies?😅

  14. Wishing you well, and for a speedy recovery 🙏❤️❤️❤️

  15. Absolutely fantastic! I'm in love with this! 🎨 👄👄👄🍆🍆🍆

  16. And what about Un drama borghese? And all the Italian nun-sexploitation films of the sixties?

  17. Sister my sister should be included.

  18. It says Taboo, but they mean Incest.

  19. Should have included Close My Eyes.

  20. Have people become so lazy that they cannot even narrate a video anymore?!

  21. I am kind of surprised that none of these movies took place in Arkansas

  22. I absolutely loved Shame. it is just an amazing movie.

  23. But they have good stories though. New friend here

  24. An old one that was very good is The Pawnbroker.

  25. So, basically these are all European films about incest, in form or another?

  26. Why are Enter The Void and That Lovely Girl not a part of this list?

  27. Ma Mere is rubbish, nothing happens in it. Savage Grace is shocking it shows the mom having relations with her son. Never seen the Cement Garden. Luna is really shocking too, she masterbates her son and almost has sex with him. They are also seen french kissing in a car. Queen of Hearts is not taboo really now is it? Step son isn't a relation. Murmur of the heart was shocking and a very good movie but you don't get to see much at the end the boy makes out with his mom in the dark.
    It's clear these film makers are perverted and pushing incest on the viewers. I'm prett sure it will be legal in 5 years time or less.

  28. I bought the DVD of "Caligula" one time. I loved Roman epics, Malcolm McDowell, I wouldn't consider myself a prude. I don't think I ever finished watching it. It wasn't that it was too obscene; it just wasn't very good…

  29. ممكن اسم المنصه التي تعرض هذه الافلام

  30. Other movies that should be on this list are The Lover (1992), Voyager (1991), Pretty Baby (1978) and Lolita (1997). I mean how is Lolita not on this list. You can't get anymore taboo than that film.

  31. Funny, many of these are French! I watched that French Elle are couple of years ago. That is also a bit taboo-ish. Well, bravo France for having such avant garde cinema.

  32. Great …but one can never see them…I have tried..

  33. SHAME isn't particularly taboo-ish; the brother's sex-addiction is rather impeded by his sister moving in, but the close moments are born more of her general neediness rather than any passion.

  34. Murmur of the Heart is a good film… seen it twice. But, you forgot Love, Strange Love… a 1982 Brazilian film of a Morher/Son relationship… the film has achieved cult status for its controversy in Brazil because of the actress Xuxa….

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