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Install Snap Camera and keep using it in 2023!

Install Snap Camera and keep using it in 2023!

Snap Camera is DEAD, Or is it? There is a way you can still install snap camera and keep using it if you already have it. And its just like it was before! No blank images or issues at all. The community to the rescue again!

I show you how to do it today.

Snap camera Install files:

Verify the file:
If it doesn’t match the following string, DO NOT INSTALL IT. You have the wrong version.

Patch the installed file:
You can find your “Snap Camera.exe” file in this folder C:Program FilesSnap IncSnap Camera

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  1. Currently in 2024 it is sadly fixed

  2. Hi, I did everything as described but it doesn't work for me. I can see the filters but nothing changes on the camera. Thank you

  3. omg thank you so so much for this, it really help me a lot, i didn't expect it to actually works

  4. Is there any way to get new lenses, or is it what's on there and nothing more?

  5. Does this snap work on Windows 11?

  6. Does anyone know how to enable snap camera in google chrome? I'm a MacOs user. I can't see snap camera anymore on the options since December 2023.

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your video and links explained everything SO WELL.

  8. at first was not working, because I accidently open the previous exe… Then replace and everything but the non patched was still opened (dont know how) and that make that doesnt work.. force close the app fix it

  9. I am an ESL Teacher, your video was so helpful!!! Thank you so much!!

  10. You are super computer master , i told you , you are number one now ! Thanks bro for all yours videos free !

  11. So I guess the hotkeys don't work un less the program is maximised and not minimised, anybody else find a fix for this?

  12. I keep getting a qt5quickdll error message when trying to open the file and patching, any idea's my guys?

  13. Thanks this is what I was looking for but didn't think I actually find it, it's perfect 😀

  14. any way to get the voice changing filters to work in snapcamera?


  16. on 1/1/24 my snap camera suddenly stopped working! I freaked out but found your video. I followed every step to patch it, and it worked!!!! all the filters are back! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  17. Snap camera is now dead. Do you know about another option to use a virtual cam in obs?

  18. i did everything u did and my camera dont work on it and none of the filters are showing

  19. Just installed again on my new PC (Windows 11) and now Snapchat opens normally but closes immediately after. Even after I've re-installed it! Any advice, anyone? Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the vid and being straight to the point.

  21. Hey! Love your videos! I just switched to Prism and Snap Camera isn't available as a device. Is there a workaround? ~ currently reinstalling OBS ~ lol. Thanx. Oh snap! I don't see it available in OBS anymore either! Doh.

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