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Roofied Girl at a Bar (Social Experiment) – Maxmantv

We staged a scene with two actors at a bar where a guy would drug a girl’s drink. What would you do if you saw this? Subscribe for more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/mxmantv
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  1. Maybe a bit late to commrnt on this (just saw it) but the guy who "stepped up" runs maxman's pr agency. So … staged, just like the roofie scene.

  2. It took a Australia to say something.

  3. I’ve been spiked before…

  4. They should arrest the dude that fist bumped him. Also, please put the publics safety first and show how face.

  5. I would have just pushed the drink down

  6. Kudos to the guy stepping up you should have at least bought him a drink

  7. 3:20 when I was actually gonna commit the crime and play it off as a prank

  8. All the guys who fist bumped, walked away, or pretended that nothing had happened; needs a swift kick to their groin for not standing up and saying anything.

  9. There wouldn’t even be words. I’d just grab the drink and pour it on him then go from there.

  10. I would do something but like forreal I usually dont have the presence of mind to understand what is happening around me most of the time.

    but I would try something to warn her before hand.

  11. hhahh 2 all the idiot in chat trying 2 acting like knights. 90% would be 2 scare 2 even fucking doing anything, prob fist bump the guy

  12. "some sh*t I picked up from my buddy the other day, he said if you use it you could pick up every chick😂"

  13. “Not all guys are rapists”
    ..No, just MOST of them.
    That’s enough for me.

  14. Respect for the man I hope God will bless him

  15. Lol, thats a bar mate, what do you think?
    You think pope or saint always chilling there?


  17. Okay but why did you have to get all racist at the end🤨

  18. Me I would have said bro what are you doing and if he said nothing I would have asked him to drink it then to show me it’s nothing

  19. Joe can you not intervene when you see something like that? Fucking pussies holy shit I’m so pissed off right nowwww

  20. Fist bump. "Hell yea bro!" That was hilarious.

  21. I love how even after they said it was a social experiment and she was in on it, he still made sure she was actually okay before stepping away fully.

  22. 1:43 that guy was like: that's it I'm out.

  23. Omg the fact that most of them didn’t do anything

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