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Adult Actors Struggling ‘Keeping it Up’ With VR!!!

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  1. I really liked this long form, multi story format. Can we have more of these please!?

  2. they should make a kurt cobain hologram lmao

  3. I will pick up Yu-gi-oh with zero shame at any age I happen to be at the time if they make hologram duels a thing.

  4. What did North Carolina pass?

  5. "that's my will" needs to be a show on nuclear family

  6. Hahahaha "Shut the f**k up Steve" made me laugh so hard I did poos

  7. Did will get his eyebrows done ?? they look FANTASTIC

  8. That's My Will would be a great show with some daaaark humor

  9. I think it's a little hypocritical for these guys to say do not text and drive, some Sourcefed hosts snap chatted while driving…I still like the show but I just needed to say it. Well I'm guessing they don't do it anymore because of their new sponsor.

  10. well they kept making such a big deal about people talking on their phones while driving so now everyone texts. yup much better law enforcement. good job

  11. oh noes!

    i love Elliot C. Morgan persona too much to not complain like a whiny little beach.

    please please please do not end this show, i will personally rip all the heads of my sisters Barbie dolls and cry whilst doing so if only you will keep The Study running for another season!

  12. checking text after accidents would be great except what if the driver wasnt the one using their phone or what if the driver claimed it was someone else. my mother in law got me to text her sister for her while she was driving if she got into an accident it would have said she was the one texting.

  13. Lee, Joe, and Elliott. God, how I miss you 🙁

  14. An actual demo with a live grenade is a teachable

  15. Steve and Will combo destruction ftw

  16. "Make Michael dance forever"

    Honestly I'm far to high for this

  17. I bloody love these. I always crack up.
    unless it's some serious stuff, that ain't funny 😀

  18. What if you have a passenger text for you? It would still show up as if the driver did

  19. The HB2 thing was blown way out of proportion; it's unnecessary because if a person looks like a gender then they are already using that genders bathroom and it was meant to protect young children. The Charlotte ordinance needed to be dealt with because it would have denied people to open a business if they did not believe in gender reassignment. That may be discrimination, but a person's right to choose trumps everything else. We don't need holograms of dead musicians, we need Yugi-oh!

  20. "That's my Will" is now one of my favorite thing.

  21. I hope Buggies mum know she can't take his hologram home with her 🙁

    And those porn actors sound like pussies. If someone can make a whole movie in first-person view, with a gopro, then it shouldn't be too hard (Yeah) for them

  22. Individually these two are ok at what they do on this channel but when they get paired together, it's tedious to view.

  23. I don't want to like ads but you guys make them enjoyable.

  24. So the whole xhamster thing is against discrimination but they can discriminate an entire state

  25. Knowing what grenades do is much more important than knowing how they do it.

  26. does Karachi just have ass security in their courts? pretty sure he could've demonstrated just fine with a prop grenade or maybe even a white board? o.O Idk maybe I'm just silly

  27. why not let history die?

    and im so glad that i dont live in North Carolina… 😐

  28. I'm sad, I live in NC and I don't support our recent crap that's passed into law. 🙁

  29. Strangely, texting while driving is accepted in Sweden

  30. Not the first time Pakistan blew things up tbh

  31. DEMOCRACY SPRING. let's talk about that.

  32. How the fuck can you be so stupid as to you actually pulling the pin out of a grenade? That's borderline retarded.

  33. Can we get an assortment of " That's my Will!" and "That's my River Monster!" posters please ?

  34. It's strange to hear these LA folks talking about texting and driving being a problem. I understand it must be down there…but up here in rural Canada, you can write an entire novel using your phone while speeding down the highway before you even encounter a turn in the road, let alone another driver.

    If they implemented machines like that up here, it would be a huge waste of money.

  35. I want Will to start holding more Sharpies in Future videos.

  36. Didn't know it was illegal to text and drive but that won't stop me

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