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Everything is CANCELED!!! – News Dump

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Everything is getting canceled because of the coronavirus, are we overreacting or is this all justified?

Coronavirus Killing Movie Industry, Shifting Release Dates

‘No Time To Die’ Release Date Moving To Fall In Hopes Global Theater Biz Back At Full Strength

New Mutants knocked down to PG-13

Coronavirus Adult Films Entertain and Educate

Ultra Miami Canceled

Ultra Music Festival 2020 Officially Cancelled


The Suicide Squad Wraps Filming

Original Halo Drops On PC

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  1. Rewatching every internet today video in order, filled with dread reliving this point of covid 😂

  2. i loved the 90s bat mobiles they made great toys and i was a little kid

  3. Watching this after today’s episode, seems like we all aged a decade during this year 🧐

  4. Watch this in December 2020 – "If only they knew…"

  5. “Just watch us” nailed it!

  6. 0:35 can't… stop… clicking… ahahahaha

  7. Also if you know anything about Comic-Con you should know those dudes don’t shower, so yeah virus all around

  8. Watching this 2 weeks later is surreal. It’s amazing how much crazier shit has gotten

  9. Lmao, Comic Con about to be cancelled as well, nastiest of all the conventions.

  10. Wonder if the TN Lallapalooza Fest will becancelled also??

  11. It’s funny you mention releasing shitty movies this month and blaming poor sales on the virus. Reminds me of how the crash of the funny money pumped stock markets are being blamed on the virus…totally not because all the financial instruments were sky high over valued. Like Uber being valued in the billions$ 🥴

  12. If shit get crazier I can see Disney releasing movies on Disney+

  13. blame corona for being bad movie will be a thing

  14. As soon as I turn 18 I'm voting dont you worry

  15. Luckily Animal Crossing and Doom is coming out on the 20th this month. I'll be chilling in my apartment with those games. I hope the board game con and retro con later this year on long island isn't cancelled, its a small event but still.

  16. Look at that bois Eliot wack hairline. He going bald and he really young. I feel bad for the little fellah.

  17. My state doesn't fucking vote till may

  18. Good thing I barely ever go anywhere. I get enough entertainment from internet today.

  19. Do A audiobook already called Internet this year

  20. Oh hey!! I thought these two guys died or something! I've missed you two goofballs since ETC 😀

  21. Pretty much. But I don't know where you all go when real shit happens in the world. Looking for attention maybe.

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