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Alexandra loses modesty in drift taxi

In today’s episode our drift Skyline brought out a bad words user in the seemingly shy and modest Alexandra.


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  1. Girl you are so pretty and have lovely legs, why you raise your one leg and keep it to the side to hide your beautiful velvet thighs and lovely panties? Let us take a quick look at your beauty, it is not dirty, it is sensuous and beautiful.

  2. Олександра молодець. Але трохи злякалася. Кожен би на пасажирському сидінні боявся б так.

  3. А чому не пристебнуті ременями безпеки?

  4. Just love white lace……very virginal!!!!!

  5. I'm in love !! Wow what a beauty !!

  6. We all came to look up the skirt of this lovely lady for sure! Men of culture we meet again! 🙂

  7. well y d diddnt she put trousers on ummmm i wonder yyyyh. nothing new

  8. I love it ! It looks great on you ! I want to see more of you ! 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  9. 8:21 Lovely floral patterned panties!

  10. 顔もパンツも全てガ美しい

  11. "Everyone's got different tastes?" Well, I know she tastes just like she is supposed to taste! 😂

  12. I❤her, she's so sweet and beautiful 😊

  13. The young lady is fine, the man's an asshole

  14. 😆super bitte ohne Höschen und durchichtige Bluse😅

  15. people will believe anything these days. they found this woman at a corner and paid her to show her panties and you all fantasizing she's a surprised nun or smth.

  16. play at 0.25 playback speed and enjoy the view !

  17. Did she actually have any modesty to start with

  18. I think her modesty was lost way before this ride.

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