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How to make a Hamster House | DIY Pet House | Rat House

Learn how to make this cute Wooden Hamster House. DIY Pet House for Rats, Rodents and small animals.



  1. What kind of wood did you use?

  2. I like the design but the cage size is way too small. The light is also dangerous because the hamster could chew on it. Hamsters are also natural borrowers and require a minimum of 6 inches of bedding. Considering your building skills, I imagine you could easily make an upgraded cage. Hamsters also require more enrichment than this such as a sand bath and a wheel to run on.
    For hamster info, I watch Victoria Raechel on YouTube but I also recently started watching Plüschraupe too and they make really sick cages.

  3. broo this reminds me when im a child i love look people building

  4. What did you spread on the floor??

  5. The hamster needs a wheel to run on or they will get week and die so PUT A WHEEL IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Woodglut Blueprints has some very useful blueprints with all the details you need.

  7. I'm planning to buy 2 white rats 🐀
    And i was looking for idea to create their home 🏡
    I'm working on

  8. Hi does anyone know where to find the plastic / glass wall? Thanks

  9. cute but not good for a hamster. to small, and needs way more bedding

  10. wouldnt the hamster chew on the wood? also what type of glue did you use so that it is not toxic to the pet?

  11. Bruh, that hammy boutta get zapped.

  12. I love the craft, but the light really needs to go! A hamster can chew on it and get really sick, or even die considering it is using electricity

  13. Big no no 👎🏻 they need more bedding & a bigger place. Please do your research before owning a pet.🤭

  14. May I ask what glue did you use for the house

  15. What kind of glass did you use?

  16. “Hey, I got an idea. Let’s give them the measurements for only TWO THINGS in the entire video then let them figure out the rest”


  18. The design is great but the cage is too small, there's not enough bedding, there's no enrichment, the items used are unsafe, and there's no wheel! This is a great design but I really hope Mr. Usefull has updated his hamster care.

  19. your cool now i can make my hamisters cage you are realy cool thankyou soooooo much

  20. This cage looks very cute, but once you look at it more it's not suitable at all. It's to small, there is really NO wheel, no toys, not even half an inch of bedding witch you should have 6-8 inches preferably more if you can provide more than that, and the light…why? Hamsters really don't like the light..and putting a light in it's cage will just confuse it and ruin the sleeping schedule. Oh, and you should have at least 2 hideouts for example, I have 3 and mine uses 2 because she likes switching up places to sleep and just hide in.

  21. I love the design, but too small for hamsters and rats! I used it to put my hamster in when I clean his cage
    Don’t put the light bulb in! They might chew the wires and the bulb, bad for the hamster…..
    Too less bedding! Please put more in!
    A few spots to fix, but overall, I love the design, great idea!

  22. what's the name of the plastic glass?

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