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Big Blade ChatterBait Fishing with Seth Feider

Seth Feider is a bladed jig fanatic but understands that there’s no one best ChatterBait for all situations. Sometimes, upsizing to a bigger blade excels, such as when you want maximum vibration or perhaps better performance around certain cover types. In this content-rich video, Feider demonstrates the effectiveness of the Z-Man Big Blade ChatterBait, particularly in stained water with a mix of grass and hard cover. 

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Feider showcases the unique action and advantages of using a Big Blade ChatterBait. He emphasizes how its pronounced thump and ability to crawl through dense hydrilla make it an ideal choice for targeting prespawn bass in Florida’s stained lakes. He also discusses the importance of upsizing to a heavier Big Blade ChatterBait than your standard size if your goal is to maintain a similar running depth. The bigger bait produces considerably more lift than say a Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer. 

The details can matter when dialing in the ChatterBait bite. Feider shares a few confidence skirt and trailer customizations that’ll work for you, too. He demonstrates how trimming the skirt and adding a green pumpkin RaZor ShadZ is a deadly combo for Florida waters. His systematic approach ensures the ChatterBait presents the bass with a natural and enticing profile.

Throughout the video, Feider adapts his technique to the conditions at hand. He varies his approach based on the fish’s location – whether they are holding in pockets, near points, or in heavy cover. He also explores different scenarios where the Big Blade ChatterBait shines, such as in dirty water or when fishing hard cover like brush or laydowns.

Feider emphasizes the importance of selecting the right gear for ChatterBait fishing. He recommends a heavier rod for the Big Blade due to its larger hook and heavier size. He prefers a beefy 20-pound fluorocarbon line in clearer water conditions and explains why braided line with ChatterBaits can be an excellent option in murkier waters.

Feider’s tips and techniques offer valuable insights for anglers looking to improve their ChatterBait fishing, particularly in conditions where versatility and adaptability are crucial for success.

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  1. Really like how that bait rolls and shakes when they show it in slo-mo.

  2. Nice Video! Appreciate your content! Thanks!!

  3. Fantastic editing!✌️

  4. <<<a cool video keep up the great content.. Thank you…

  5. Look at that skipping throw on 3:42 !

  6. Well that explains why my teeth died 🤯. O well at least now I can throw em in the cup holder or my pocket and not worry about that problem anymore 😉😂😂🤘🏼🤘🏼

  7. Seth is by far one of, if not the best angler y’all feature on W2F. When he talks you should listen. His down to earth way of giving information is second to none. Keep up the good work boys

  8. The big blade is like it's own bait totally different action than a regular chatterbait it's hunts more and doesnt have such a tight vibration. Pike love the big blade.

  9. I pair mine with a brush hog and a big blade. Definitely know when you get bit

  10. I throw the BB a lot up here in MN.

  11. The big blade is the one people don't buy for whatever reason. They give them away for free and mark them down all the time but it catches bass!

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