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Chatterbait with Tube Combination? The Best Kept Secret of the Pros?

Chatterbait with a Tube Combination? A lot of Pros are starting to talk about it. Is it the best kept secret that’s finally been revealed?

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– Fishing Line
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  2. 1) Use an OCB chatter bait the skirt is junk and easy to remove
    2) if you use method 2 make sure
    the blade still makes contact with
    the jig head
    3) ZMAN trds need to be used
    with ZMAN products or they will
    Melt so I recommend any other 5”
    Stick bait

  3. I'm so glad you said the inurig sucked, I relaxed straight away !

  4. Is that plastisol with TPE? This will ruin your baits don't use regular plastic with zman plastic

  5. Is this more of a smallmouth or largemouth technique? And is it better in clear or dirty water?

  6. I feel like leaving that little bit of stick bait sticking out of the bottom of the tube may add to the action and entice a strike?

  7. And to slow the rig down even more, put the tube on backwards.

  8. Awesome info brother. Gonna try this on my jackhammer

  9. Now show what happens when you leave that elaztech plastic inside the tube.

  10. I am going to try both details search you give me the looks like you were get wrong or best to strike your lower

  11. You can literally put any plastic on a chatterbait and that's one of the many things I love about them, I use a Berkley Pitboss 4inch and it is fire, bass can't handle it for some reason

  12. Seen this on multiple channels. Trying your method #1 tomorrow AM at Powers Lake in SE WI. It's heating up, spawn will be starting soon!

  13. Never tried, but will tomorrow. Thanks for tip, 1at way looks like little supper glue work good on your stick worm from coming out

  14. Awesome! I have "naked" chatterbaits already, so now I know how to rig them!

    Re Method 1: doesn't the Z-Man TRD interact with the plastic on the tuibe?

    Great video!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  15. The retrieve technique would have helped this video

  16. "But unlike the Inu Rig, this doesn't suck." Ha ha! Well played and great video.

  17. I have never used tubes at all but that I am going to try. Thanks for sharing this tip. Tight lines & no snags only big fish.

  18. Where do you get your blades at

  19. method 1 i like most blade can swing better and hit lead head for sound

  20. Maybe just put some glue on the collar and thread your tube on

  21. Hopefully that tube is elaztech otherwise you are going to end up with a mess. Elaztech and traditional plastics dont play well together.

  22. Thanks, short and informative. I'll do method number 1, I'll glue worm to inside of tube then wrap dental floss onto hook where tube goes, run tube worm combo over hook until perfectly straight, back off and put super glue onto dental floss that's tied onto hook. That was it won't ever come off the hook

  23. you will have a big mess if you use trd with a standard tube elastech does not play well with others

  24. I'm going to try both methods, what color do you suggest for low visibility pond fishing in Maryland late spring to early summer?

  25. I have used method #1 with less stick bait. Also jigs on the bottom like a Ned rig…

  26. What is the benefit of doing this as opposed to just putting on some other soft plastic? It does not seem to change the profile and action much.

  27. Haven't tried this but planning on it soon. Going to try both methods.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Tear Em Up!

  28. Thanks for the tip. Keep em coming

  29. Larry's fishing got me here with his community post and let me say this first ep I watched was no disappointment great channel can't wait to watch more

    I might have to try something like that here in Australia

  30. I really enjoyed the video man! New subscriber. I think I will try the second method. Might be good for lake trout around my area. What are you catching in Michigan? And thanks for the great video 🀟🀟🀟

  31. Here bc I saw ya on JA’s outdoors

  32. Cool video thanks for sharing the 2 methods. I have never tried a tube on a chatterbait. I would think you could use fishing glue to cement the tube to the jighead as well. I used to do that with fish traps when I would cast for striped bass in the CA delta. I plan to do some bass fishing again in 2022 so I will definitely have to experiment with this. Tight lines!
    The Piscatorian

  33. Interesting. Will have to try it sometime!

  34. Awesome video man, I run salted tubes on chatterbaits all the time ! It’s a sure thing

  35. The idea is great! I can't wait to see some underwater footage 🎣 might have to try it out in the spring on lsc!

  36. I've never use neither methods. Will consider using method #2 if I remember to. Thanks for sharing Brian.

  37. Okay, now that is a smart idea! Going to most definitely give this a try! Thanks!!

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