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Middle Eastern College coed.

She was doing homework, I laid on the campus lawn near her as she was tummy down playing with her feet, I was staring and drooling while she was rubbing her feet together and wiggling her toes. Then I approached and did my thing (2012). *WARNING* as soon as I see re-uploading of my videos or any one of them in pornhub, That’s it!!! I will NEVER share a Free video on Youtube again Ever! Please don´t screw it up for all my fans with your disrespect. Just Enjoy and comment. – Luvpies



  1. Wish I could sniff them tootsies

  2. Uff more Arab face more hijab arab

  3. Find some Hijabi women as well

  4. You should have another woman do that….

  5. Can you upload more vídeos? Pls…

  6. Que delícia de pé lindo demais beijos todo 😘❤️💋♥️👏

  7. So her toes are ‘kind of short’, so what! Hopefully this doesn’t go overboard as if making a lady feel insecure or like she’s lacking something. It’s actually hilarious when she says, ‘They just don’t separate!’ , & is cracking up. But dude is like, ‘it’s ok’. Gotta say she is a good sport, with amazingly shiny soft yummy looking soles, & can we see that her toes are like perfectly proportioned?, not badly shaped by ill fitting shoes like some girls have. All her toes are equally so healthy, like they deserve equal oral attention absolutely! 🦶🏼👅👣😋

  8. I would add a watermark to your videos

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