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He Groomed Me To Be His Play Toy Because I Look Like a Girl

“What do you do when the man who was obsessed with you, the man you thought you had gotten away from; who you believe kept following you; shows up in front of you?

I want to know because I don’t.

And, what do you do when he tells you that he was trying to protect you, because he wasn’t the only person who had their eyes on you?

On one fateful day of the program that I met him. Edgar. He was mid-40s – he’d been in the military – but despite his appearance, had a soft personality. He was a guest speaker, and when he finished, I went up, got acquainted, and we hit it off. Then one night, at the theater, while were backstage, we came up behind me, and began caressing neck, saying “your collar is off”. Then, one by one, his hands began to travel down, past my shoulders, my back, and eventually my hips. Instinctively, I tried to inch away but his hand closed. He was now gripping me. He gave me a squeeze before letting go as the audience applauded. One hundred eyes on the stage and none could see what had just happened to me. I packed up my stuff, said I wasn’t feeling well, and left then and there.

After a while, I got a new job as a cashier. Edgar showed up and made a beeline toward me. I felt my heart pick up it pace. I felt my mind was race. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. I was just stuck there, a cold sweat running down the back of my neck like his hands once did. By the time he made his way up the line, I could barely breathe. I braced myself but he didn’t say anything to me; just smiled and left. Ever the optimist, I wanted to believe he’d moved on – forgotten. But after that day, he kept coming back. I was ready to quit again when one day, during a late shift, as I was about to clock out, Edgar walked through the door – past the ‘closed’ sign – toward me and said, “You are being followed.” I felt every hair on my body stand up, felt myself gasp for air. I wasn’t just paranoid. I was actually being watched. He reached out to my shaking hands and I held on. Despite everything, he was all I had. He offered to escort me to my car. And after a moment, I said “okay.”

There were only a few cars in the parking lot that night. Mine was the furthest away, and between me and my car, there was only one other vehicle. A quick look saw that it was empty, so we made a beeline toward my car. Just as I was about to reach my car, I grabbed for my keys when I heard a car door open behind me. I turn around, and it was Edgar, cloth and rope in hand. There was no one else. It was his car. It was always him.

Then, he pulled me into his car.

My hands grabbed at the edges of the door frame. I could feel my heart racing as my mind told me to fight for my life. I could feel one of his arms still tightly around my waist as the other one wandered lower. I was terrified and couldn’t think at all. I used all of the strength I had to pull myself out of his grasp and onto the pavement of the parking lot. My knees hurt when I hit the ground, but there was no time. I jumped to my feet and sprinted towards my car. I shut the door. Locked it. And stepped on the gas. In my rear-view mirror, I could see him, standing there, still watching as I turned the corner, and drove to my parents’.

I didn’t tell them what had happened. Not my parents, my workplace, or the police. Edgar had a military background and he probably had connections. I felt too afraid to come forward, so I didn’t. Instead, I ditched my old phone number, old license plate, and applied for a transfer to another store downtown. It was one of my new co-workers, Holly, giving me a hug as I burst into tears. She held my hands in hers and told me that I should never feel like I deserved anything that’d happened; that they no one else could would ever fully understand what I was went or was going through. She would later become my girlfriend. I never saw Edgar again.

Before, I didn’t understand why someone would keep something like that to themselves. Why would they let someone get away with it? But I understand now that there can be many reasons people don’t speak up. Don’t ever let anyone victim shame or blame you. They do not know your story.”

We chose this story because we want to encourage people to speak up if something similar has happened to them and to seek help if they’re still in such a situation. We hope this video will encourage people to feel empathy and compassion for those who have gone through such experiences. And we hope that it will encourage us all to do what we can to prevent these things from happening. Even if it does happen we want to encourage people to speak up for their own safety

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  1. The story didn't end, both of you and edgar will meet in hell

  2. BUAWAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🫵🤣🫵🤣🫵🤣🫵🤣🫵

  3. 🎉🎉i don't know whether everyone goes through this but I was molested several times as a small boy and it became regular as a teenager and I never thought i was girly looking. At 15 I was anally rooted 3 times after that for all intents and purposes I hid myself and never gave anyone the chance.

  4. At least you are a grownup who drives a car, my creep follows even when I return from school & I’m not a snowflake; maybe a little bit soft but I look like a proper 14 year old boy!

  5. It's best to speak up and let your voice keep on speaking 🗣️ don't ever back

  6. Good story. But you are fool u should of told the police so he can be locked up or he would of done it to another victim.

  7. The fact that is happens is terrifying. No one should experience these kinds of things ever.I wish everyone who experiences that is safe and happy again.

  8. 0:56 bruh my question is why you join the program about rgbt right ?????

  9. You call it grooming, perfectly OK, we call it grooming and we're transphobes.

  10. ENOUGH! If you're going to be serious about this, than you should acknowledge that not JUST effeminate boys get targeted. One of the hardest thing to understand and get over is "Why Me?". So, if you want to know why we don't come forward, it's because we think that it's something WE did & that it's our fault. There's the Rub!

  11. Oh my gosh this reminds me of killing stalking

  12. yeah and just because someone looks masculined doesnt mean hes really a man,
    i have a friend that goes to gym and talks about being a man but a year ago we were attacked by some strangers and left me and my friend alone…

  13. He : “I look so feminine!”
    Metal Guys: “Hold my beer!”

  14. theres a kid in my class he looks feminine but literally pulls all the girls tbh

  15. As a lesbian…I hate that people have to deal with this. I am very sorry for your trauma😔 Just know that people are always here to help you😇.

  16. This is a good story to watch once

  17. I keep having dreams like this… Where someone takes me and s
    Does things to me..

  18. aware to cartoon for me got her ass took () all guilty of slideran baby sitting

  19. What's wrong being gay or bi

  20. I Can't Why Save By Male Arist Drawing Teen Homosexual in l OK List Gay Drawing Boys Bareback Love Home in l OK English inglés and idiomas inglés?! Yeah? Huh? Omg! 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  21. These stories getting out of hand

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