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Age Verification Is Coming For Spicey Content

Red Pill Mentor Tokyo
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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Rusty. He wants me to talk about what happens now that in Utah there’s a law requiring requiring age verification for spicy content. Rusty says that I predicted this years ago which I did but I also predicted it’s failure. All I have to do is get a vpn if I’m a teenager and it’s still open to me. Many will say but Sandman how does one get a VPN unless they are eighteen years of age and has access to a credit card? It’s simple. There are actually free ones out there. They aren’t any good but they can still get the job done. There are also torrents. You can install something like Frostwire and sail the high seas for hooters. Besides even if you are eighteen why would you send your ID to a spicey content creator so they know who you are and can potentially sell that information to agencies and individuals that can use it against you. In Utah they are doing this because they say there are mental health effects watching censored content can have on kids. I agree if you’re a kid that’s bad. But most people accessing it without ID are probably teenage boys. This isn’t the 1990s where unless you had a physical vhs tape or magazine it could be stopped. Even back then I got access to it through a pay per view descrambler box, BBS’s, European magazines and a c-band satellite dish. Utah is putting the responsibility on the tube sites to figure out how to verify the age of the people looking at them. Lately I’ve been noticing that when I go to a spicey content page it asks me if I’m 18. But that’s not much of a deterrent. So the fear is that many websites will start asking users for photos of their passport or drivers license and that’s going to hurt their business because most people won’t give up that information easily. Plus how do they ensure there’s no identity theft or other such non sense. Yes some tech savvy people like myself and you Rusty will just get a VPN. I already have one. But most people either won’t pay for one of if they are old geezers they don’t even know what it is. Utah also passed a similar law to require age verification for anyone who wants to use social media in Utah. So what happens when this doesn’t work as expected? Well I predicted that the next step after giving them your ID would be for there to be some sort of government ID to make sure that everyone that goes on the internet can be completely identified. That’s the point where things start to get interesting. Say for example Canada demands that every citizen needs to use their government ID to access the internet in Canada. Would I just cave into their demands or would I leave the country? I’d leave but most people wouldn’t. Just like I use a VPN and most people don’t.

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  1. I love that whine-stein said that "romance" drove men to build civilization. Thing is men can get everything they want now causally, heck even children through surrogacy. Love that they always blame the men when its vvomen who are having far more children and dabbling into pron. So much so that its soon going to become the norm for kids to be bullied relentlessly for their moms OF. This intern will likely lead to more young people going hmt (hockey mask time) very interesting times we're in.

  2. Good on Utah for throwing up some barriers to block prostitution.

  3. This topic seems to be something an addict would be worried about?

    Even if the internet is clamped down and heavily restricted, it isn't a big deal. Society did just fine without the internet for thousands of years, and it will be fine again without it.

    There has never been a shortage of supply in all of history, women would never let it happen. I think the problem here is "free" supply?

    Seems like you are saying that it is the government's responsibility to ensure that there is always easy and free access to online spicy content?

  4. I'm just against porn because the Christians have shown enough evidence that it is harmful to society to convince me.

  5. Some rather large problems with porn. Sandman cares about no one but himself. He does come from a nazi family.

  6. Fun fact, 2/3 of people watching pn are girls and women, and they like the rough stuff.

  7. Porn promotes weakness and degeneracy in men. If I could snap my fingers and make it go away, I would.

  8. It really is incredible how often you take a crap on Boomers. You act like you millennials invented anything other than Memes and drinking booze through your anus, you did not. Kid, I have had 4 active false identities, that I pay taxes with, since 1988. I do not carry a tracking device in my pocket Junior, how about you? I am a Pure-Blood. Did YOU get the Jab? Chill-out, Boy, and look to your own generation that has problems figuring out the differences between effect and affect. Wisdom is found in Self-Reflection not blaming your Elders for your own lack.

  9. How about parents try doing some actual parenting?

  10. Age verification = click once on this graphic button.

  11. Just another BS excuse to push for Digital ID.

  12. btw, it's only pornhub that doesn't work in utah, there are thousands of these sites and utah won't be getting rid of all of them any time soon.

  13. ’m currently in “Iceland” lol

  14. The cell doors are closing. If you haven't started looking for a serious plan B, you are behind the times, folks.

  15. People will save a bunch of stuff on external hard drives, and swap.

  16. frostwire sucks now for anything.

  17. It’s all become garbage anyway

  18. any efforts to require age verification are in vain. there's so much adult content out there, it's impossible to restrict it. it may stop those who are new to the internet, for a time, but anyone who's been online will simply find workarounds. not happening!

    these are just ways for some people who do have concerns about adult content, to feel like they're doing something about it. adult content cannot be stopped, especially since it is one of the things people search for the most online, yeah that includes everyone from all walks of life, women included.

  19. If you trust the government, or any corporation, you're a fcuking m0r0n….its just that simple.

  20. Proton VPN has a free subscription in the USA, Japan, and the Netherlands. In my opinion, never pick a VPN from the USA or Russia. Pay the $2-$3 per month. I don't watch spicy content, but AI is going to put OF and the hub out of business anyways. And there will always be a way around the system.

  21. If the government cared about "protecting children" there wouldn't be poisonous food, tainted water, lousy public education, inflation, debt, endless war, and open borders.

  22. Monk mode is like a cheat code for success $$$

  23. If only there were interested parties in children not accessing corn, like parents…Oh right, idiot parents that do not want to do their responsibility and oversee their kids' online activities.
    Most of the worlds problems come down to this, people refusing to be responsible and asking for government to take on their responsibility.

  24. OF members should be called out for being simp providers.

  25. They're kinda too late, since we can already download generative AI which creates images that looks like drawings or photos. Before the regulation gets really worse, this kind of AI will have been spread and be available to everyone.

  26. I use VPN to watch Intergalactic TV. The comedy Earth is hilarious.

  27. Montana, usa has one too now

  28. Dems and Hollywood want it 5 years of age and up.

  29. This won't only end covering America. Canada and all other first world countries while third world is "Catching up" to first world countries.

  30. I use VPN to watch Netflix shows not allowed in USA

  31. lol yeah I'm not uploading my license to pornhub. I only use porn once a week, at most.

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