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I Spent The Day With A Cam Girl

Aria spends a day with a cam girl and tries performing his first official cam show.

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/49724

Ryan Sander
Rocky Pajarito
Melhia Kyra Piot
Allisen Beall
Victoria Anne Greenwood
Mikael Mattsson
Scarlet Loveu
Nova Storm



  1. She seems like a nice girl, if she can bring in the cash, she should strike while the iron is hot, and save up for a time where she would want to transition to a nonsexual job. At least she is not in danger of getting an STD while camming.

  2. What I want to see is behind the scene

  3. She needs to let that f***ing dog out. They come in and probably spend like 20 minutes fiddling around with the packages when the dog is sitting in her room alone probably so anxious to see them. Then after he meets the dog, OH right back in the f***ing crate. And like other people are saying, that dog is way too big for a crate that size. She is like every entitled brat who chooses to make money selling photos. Thinks that she can just keep a living being in her house to interact with at her convenience.

  4. she should have done twitch instead.

  5. Her personality alone is just beautiful

  6. What is the name of this camgirl? or how can I search her in the media???

  7. The best cam girls don't take their clothes off. This is absolute proof. I don't even go CB to j*erk off, i tip a lot just to support their profession and get to know them. It's really helps me

  8. In the thumbnail she looks like shrek's wife.

  9. Put her link in the description next time for more likes

  10. Watching les miserable was not what I expected when I heard this was a cam girl video this video has got to be up their as one of the weirdest

  11. She saves money by not needing to buy bra's atleast

  12. What s the name of the site where the girl works?

  13. me: hey mom can we get anthony padilla
    mom: we have anthony padilla at home
    anthony padilla at home:

  14. Shes got nothing, people pay 700$ for her? 😂

  15. The smile on the face of the guy in the thumbnail says it all

  16. Yt after two years only now i get recommended?

  17. Wow wtf her dad kicked her out? What a world this is.. My dad didn't let his gf move in because I didn't like her.. I wonder how my life would of been different had my dad kicked me out.

  18. Imagine being so horny, waiting for you favorite cam girl to come online so you can fap and had to watch a bunch of theater nerds perform instead……

  19. An Animal Lover and Yet Keeps the Dog in the Cage for most of the Time 🙄

  20. 'Camming is more than meets the eye.'
    Happy Optimus Prime Noises

  21. Her dad kicked her out when she was 15 , that’s explain everything 🙂🙂🙂

  22. What kind of involuntarily suicidal loser pays for this stuff??

  23. I don’t know if anyone is still watching this video but I actually quit camming. I now do twitch full time. There’s a video on my channel explaining it if you’re curious why. <3

  24. Am i the only one who noticed she worked as a dishwasher 😂

  25. just be a tiddy streamer on twitch and you will make 3x the money

  26. May I ask…

    Is that Novaruu…

  27. why is no one saying anything about how this is Novaruu

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