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Alexis Fawx: My First Anal Experience

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Super MILF Alexis Fawx just did her first anal scene and answers questions like: Is an uncut guy easier? Who do you call for advice? How do you prepare?

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  1. She looks a billion percent hotter like this – without an excess of makeup – than all made up. Natural beauty

  2. These broads with out the make up. Horror show

  3. That actually didn’t tell us much about her first anal scene. Lots of night before…who to call etc. oh, and plenty of giggles.

  4. Any girls want to try it with me

  5. Very informative, and entertaining. Thank you❤

  6. Gosh i love her so much, she's in my top 3 porn stars

  7. Awesome Interview. To Funny🤣🤣

  8. Anal is like going in a sausage casing.

  9. I'm going to guess that uncut is preferred because with uncut you don't have the edge of the penis head rub against the anal wall. While with vaginal sex that friction is desired, with anal it's different.

  10. She looks like she from Pennsylvania

  11. My first time was with my dad when I was 10. It was his 30th birthday. My (ex) stepmom didn't do anal so there was no lube in the house. We used butter instead. After that we had our own inside jokes. At the dinner table I would say stuff like "Can you butter me up, Daddy?" and he would say "Any time, Sweetie" and would pass the butter

  12. Alexis Fawx is truly amazing! One of her most unbelievable stunts is standing on a tall ladder in high heels while several men on the ground lecherously stare up at the goodies under her skirt while engaged in onanistic practices.

  13. Were do I find women like you 😍❤

  14. God bless all you anal loving women.

  15. This interview is as important to American culture and history as the Frost Nixon tapes/interviews

  16. Moms Teach…and she is phenomenal

  17. She looks better here. The natural looks suits her.

  18. Talking to pornstars about anal sex. Then talking about poop…..really, did you think that wasn't going to head in that direction

  19. I am new to your channel, could you please take a little time to tell about yourself, love your show 💋💋💋

  20. I'll never understand why you have to wear headphones for these vids when you're facing each other? It isn't necessary!

  21. I love Alexis both beautiful and funny. Not to mention that hot body.

  22. Alexis Fawx everyone in all openings 😜

  23. The night before anal scene secret menu is 3 bean burrito 🌯 supreme and then a package of fig newtons. One large M&M Mc Flurry for breakfast. Imagine that.

  24. I don't think I got sex before marriage #SadLife🥲🥲

  25. Yes dear.poop has no place in polite conversation.

  26. Shes like a female jimmy carter lol

  27. This what l want to hear on Holly's podcasts. Not a pornstars views on World Peace.

  28. shes soooo hot. ive always said that about her

  29. Me encantó el video, alexis fawx es espectacular, la amo😘❤️👍

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