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Bass Fishing with a Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait (Worth the PRICE?)

I finally got to do some Bass Fishing with the Z-Man Jackhammer Chatterbait. I’ve heard legends that this lure may have special fish catching powers. I put it to work in an evening of bank fishing. Let’s hope I don’t lose it before I can catch some fish! Thanks for watching feeshin friends!

COMMENT BELOW and let me know if you have had success with a Chatterbait this year!

**The Lure That Caught Fish**

Z-Man Jackhammer Chatterbait (Bruised Green Pumpkin 1/2 oz)


Gary Yamamoto Zako (Green Pumpkin)


** The Chatterbait Combo I Used **

13 Fishing Inception SZ Baitcaster


Dobyns Fury 733 Casting Rod


P-Line CXX 12#



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  1. Kind of late to the party here, but I tried an experiment earlier in April for my pre-spawn outings. I'm an older retired guy and the idea of spending 20 bucks out the door for a chatterbait, or any bait for that matter just doesn't sit well with me. One of the guys in my club offered to sell me one he found for 5 bucks so I thought why not.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I lost 9 lures last year and they were either jigs or chatterbaits. But for 5 bucks I wouldn't really shed any tears if I lost it.

    I did well with it, landing 5 fish in 13 casts…all between 1 and 3 lbs. I decided to tie on the mini max chatterbait and had the best day of my season so far this year. Nothing of any real size, at least for Texas but all between 2 and 4.7 lbs. The 4 lb'er was a big ol' spotted bass. All caught in a large creek backwater of the Llano river. So, I'm not sold on the justification for a 20 dollar chatterbait when I actually caught a small number more on the mini max. YMMV of course but at least I dispelled the theory (in my mind) that the jackhammer has super powers)

  2. Those jack hammers are 100% affective. Caught a bunch of bass including my PB on those. Great video bud! 🤛🏼

  3. My god, you just made me buy like 5 jackhammers. This was an awesome day of fishing

  4. This is an older video and I get you prob won’t read this. I just ordered a jackhammer and I have 2 of the original chatterbaits. I’ve got both of my normal chatter baits close to start chattering right when I turn the reel but it’s still a reel turn or 2 before I can get it to do it’s thing. It’s really inconsistent and I did a lot of bending on the blade. So I’m really curious to see how the jackhammer goes. I paid 15 bucks for my jackhammer. Went with the bruised green pumpkin or something like that, but heard they were more expensive when the jackhammer first came out, which I have no idea when that was. Thanks for the content. If ya do read this 🤙

  5. Jackhammer seems to work better for me too. Different trailer, but same result as you man. ✌🏻😎🎣

  6. I bought a jackhammer a while back on a gift card I got. I still haven’t done this but I want to compare it to a few other chatterbaits. I’m not sure if it’s any better or different than a Thunder cricket but I’m hoping I find an answer.

  7. lmao what is poison herald?????

  8. Hey man, I got my first bass of 2022!!! I've been ill and can't get out much, I keep losing my balance. Well I lost my balance today while catching my bass. I had been fishing with the wacky rig (watermelon red), a feisty blue gill hit. After 20 minutes I switched to a blue black craw, and caught my 1 1/2 pound bass, he came off the hook at the bank, and I lost my balance and fell in the pond ( but I got my first fish of the year and took a picture of him). I was dragging the craw on a jig, THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR VIDEOS AND SUGGESTIONS!!!!!

  9. I've ran the original chatterbait, the crosseyez and the others. However they really haven't landed many. The Jack Hammer however has caught me the most fish at various points of the year over any other chatterbait. I never go fishing without at least 3 of them in various different colors in my bag…definitely worth the price. However that's my two cents…other people's mileage may vary.

  10. Well done getting that JH back!

  11. Which fury were you using in this video? Cheers, brad from Australia!

  12. Bro… I haven't caught a fish LITERALLY in 20 years. $18 is nothing if it means getting the SKUNK off of me after not fishing for 2 decades. LMFAOO 😂 😂 😂

  13. Another thing that I’ve learned on a chatter bait is I like too fish 3/8oz 75% of the time when the fish are lower in the water column I like the 1/2 oz fished with a double tail grub or a rage tail when around wood

  14. It’s definitely worth the price if you can afford it too notch gear I’ve caught so many fish on the hammer and when you hook them they don’t come off I tend to get hooked by it quite a bit the hooks so freaking sharp yea I only get them when on sale now eBay helps with that

  15. My buddy was using the original Zman chatterbait while I was fishing the jackhammer. I was catching 5 to his 1. This is all the time and that should say something.

  16. In my experience, that fluke trailer makes all the difference in the world. Either white or dark silver shad catches fish mostly year around. Using the original not the jackhammer, but it's still one of my top 3 producing lures. I could probably finance a F-150 lightning for the cost of chatterbaits I've lost

  17. I just started back fishing due to the whole covid shut down, I just got also into the chatterbaits, and I bought the jackhammer, thunder cricket & Googan click bait, and I caught more fish & quickly on the jackhammer & stealthblade than any other's I mentioned.. so for me I know that the jackhammer is certainly the truth & the deal & worth the money… And I noticed for you Debo the jackhammer got rid of dinks that you normally be catching..🤣🤣 but tight lines Bro I do enjoy & like ya video's..

  18. Great video debo !! 😎🔥Nice to see the chatterbait doing work. I have no luck with the normal chatterbait so far . Lol

  19. So was The 13 Concept SZ worth the $$$? Is it the big brother, or estranged cousin of the 13 Z2 sld? Love your vids man, keep ripping lips!!

  20. Great vid, thanks. Question, do you attach the leader on top or bottom of the blade. Hook side being up.

  21. The Jackhammer has been the one that works in heavily pressured waters for me. Totally sold on them with the Zako. Really enjoy your afternoon outings Debo, thanks.

  22. Debo anything would work. It is the Iowa ponds that are the trick and secret.

  23. I think a chatter bait of the same color and weight would have worked as well as the jack hammer. As long as you use the same trailer.

  24. Catching any bass is a good bass. 😃

  25. I just picked up a dobyns fury 734c and was thinking of pairing it with the inception sz glad to see they look good together

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