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How My Prostitute and Escort Addiction Ruined My Life

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  1. Literally nobody cares about you & it’s extremely hard to feel bad for you. You KNOW those women are trafficked at the parlors and don’t want to touch your dirty self. Yet you still did it. Selfish and gross. Support real sex workers next time, who choose to do it.

  2. No fault but your own, cringeball 😂

  3. Im proud of yu because yu accepted yuor addiction yuor mistake that it hard to do keep up the fight because it’s a everyday fight against sin yes addiction it’s hard but not impossible keep praying especially when yu feel the urge to go pray to fight it yu are a brave man and yu did it right in time some people takes years to change don’t give up

  4. Judging by your looks, you really shouldn't have had any problems finding a gf, so why did you even get into this in the first place? I'd get it if you were ugly and had no chance on the dating market, but that's obviously not the case.

  5. How do u guys find these massage parlors i want to try it out just once

  6. Everyone going on about loneliness is hilarious. IN this day and age forgiveness is not taught. We are taught to cut people out of our lives for a single mistake.

  7. I’m so proud of you for speaking your truth! I can imagine it isn’t easy to do this! Super proud of you! You are helping a lot of people. God bless you! 🙏🏾

  8. I like that you wanna Help MAN. and i see that you find some solutions .. thanks

  9. If you are not an attractive guy the only way to get sex is by paying..im an older guy and have never had sex with a normal girl, it has always been with escorts. I realized my looks were not going to help me when I was 16 so..ever since it has been an escort

  10. 1500 is not that much for a summer. If you had to date a girl to get layed you would spend a lot more.

  11. Escorts are much cheaper than marriage, and much less time consuming than going out and gaming girls.

  12. I went to a strip club over half a year ago when i was in tampa and did some crazy stuff. THANKS to the Jesus i havent gone back but mannnn i dont blame anyone for falling into it. Scary addiction.

  13. You got it wrong kid. We are lucky that there's women willing to accept money for Marriage duties. A Woman who promises to keep all bullshit out? That's not a prostitute, THAT'S A HONEST WOMAN!! 💍🎉❤😊

  14. I spent over $4,000 on these vacations and you just have to work it out. I never regretted spending money on this! This dude is tripping. They only charge $200 or $300. That is nothing.

  15. Don't be ashamed of coming outta a massage parlor. Think of all the Women that give you Bullshit!!! You gotta take pride in being in Business with these Women. They don't ask for much except respectable money. Take pride in these Women because they have our back!!

  16. Dude I ended up working at a brothel – not on purpose they were obviously hiding what these dancers would do in the VIP until one day they made me clean up the VIP room and went into the office & they had em recorded!! So dude ..youre brave you're brave for speaking upon this and I'm fucking PROUD of you. Im proud u recognizes this shit and you're still young enough to prosper. You got this

  17. I’ve never slept with a hooker. I kind of of wish sometimes that I had just for the experience. But I don’t really get off paying someone to like me if that makes sense.

  18. Sex addiction makes you do some wild shit lol. At least you wasn’t picking up the street prostitutes

  19. im like damn i just tipped a old lady to give me a handy hahaha

  20. Well did you get STD? Do you have HIV?

  21. If it wasn’t for the money you wouldn’t feel bad

  22. I love happy endings 🤷🏾‍♂️

  23. What escort sites are even reliable? Lol the ones ive seen its filled with scammers and most likely men pretending to be female to scam money

  24. Quitting today I will no longer pay for sex i won’t spend my job check on sex again paying for Onlyfans and videos from girls who really be cheating me paying for FaceTime for girls to watch me it’s pointless if I would’ve stopped years ago I’ll be better off it has made ppl lose respect for me they take my money but I know they talk about me I’ve been a loser and a clown but it stops today no more paying for sex, videos, FaceTime shows subscriptions anything

  25. I get it,I would be just like you but I'm a greedy angry money driven sociopath and can't phatom the idea of even a single dollar leaving my wallet for a whore. The very idea of it makes me me wanna destroy everything around me.

  26. This is the first time that I make a comment on a YouTube video, I just wanted to write my experience! I am in my 20 and honestly a year ago I started to go to men's clubs and stuff like that, honestly the reason that I go to these kinds of places is just for sex but I don't feel bad about it! girls nowadays are even worst than these girls that work as a prostitute, I don't frequently go but to be honest I'd rather to be with a prostitute than waste my time with a young girl of my age.

  27. Thank you for your bravery. Wish you good health, remember everything will be alright soon

  28. Im surprised he was never caught in a police raid. Also sex addiction is so hard because you are created to repopulate were as your not created to smoke crack.

  29. You get a like just for the title 😂

  30. Every man pays for sex. Don’t get it twisted.
    Married men pay the most.

    You pay with money energy attention or time. Pick one.

  31. wow, bro, you have super courage, I commend you, keep it up

  32. The reason why therapists are getting you to talk about your past. family, and childhood is because that's where the underlying reasons and causes for addiction lie.

  33. My turn around took place at the onset of covid. Stopped watching pron I've resisted 304s and I deleted my tinder account. Nowadays I cold approach young women, I avoid single mothers as it is easy to get hooked to them as they are low hanging fruits. I am currently in a stable relationship 1.5 years now.,

  34. How can you guys do that when you know they have STDs

  35. If you’re not a family man and have the money I don’t see anything wrong helping out financially single mothers, think it’s rather honorable really.

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