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क्या लड़कियों के लिए SIZE MATTER करता है? | Ask – GSF – Does Size Matter?

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Hello friends, we are back with our new ASK GSF episode, wherein we are going to discuss some of the most sought-after questions on the internet like: & did you know that Scientists from Montana State University are trying to genetically make dinosaurs with the help of Chicken!! But how? Well here’s another question for you, the moon which is earth’s natural satellite, what if it didn’t exist? And last one of the most googled questions for you is this, Does size matters? Well, want to know the answers of these questions then stay tuned throughout the video!!

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  1. Hello bhailog, umeed hai sab badhiya kat raha. Curious rehna mat bhulna, Jai Hind!
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  2. videoka upper eisa photo dalneka jarurat nahi he, apka video eisavi best hei..👌.
    jo photo dekkar video start kya tha wo upset ho jayaga, 😂😂 kuch samjo sir.

  3. yes bro its against the natural selection and thus if something happens in the genetics so their progeny could be affected and also infecting and disturbing the food chain and

    i think only for experimental process its good but we should not try to build a Jurassic park or world , because it they get unstable or get free they will destroy every thing like in the movie

  4. Boht ziyada faraq parta har moon ki apni gravity Hoti jis ki waja sae earth par storms boht ziyada aur both heavy attae sea ka water level bi boht high mein earth sae bahir tak hota

  5. Dude is becoming naught per day 😂😂

  6. Par Bhai question tha does size matters? 🙄🙄

  7. Billa (billi) tadta hai💀💀

  8. Sir you are really amazing your voice is amazing

  9. I think increased no of moons will surerly affect earth

  10. Mujhe kiye mere to 8 inch hai 😂

  11. If there are 82 moons on earth then the earth's gravitational can't hold it and all moons will eventually collide to Earth

  12. Pepoye jaisi awaj lagti hai bhai ki

  13. गौरभ भैया मे आपके गाँव से हु, पिथौरागढ़

  14. If there were 82 moons on earth then there would never be darkness on earth because every night would be a moonlight night
    कोई अमावस्या की रात नहीं सब चांदनी रातें,
    क्या बात है ।

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