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Most EMBARRASSING Auditions That Made the Judges CRINGE!

πŸ’° WAIT!! Have you seen these famous contestants return years later? πŸ‘‰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCbiJsGq8W4 Talent Worldwide | Most EMBARRASSING Auditions That Made the Judges CRINGE!

Steve – X Factor UK 2009 S6- 0:11
Scott Wilkes – X Factor UK 2018 S15 – 2:15
Abiola Allicock – X Factor UK 2016 S13- 6:19
Ant and Seb – X Factor UK 2008 S5 – 7:21
Dream Time – X Factor UK 2008 S5 – 12:08
Warren – X Factor UK 2006 S3 – 13:59
Jahm – X Factor UK 2010 S7 – 15:50
David Williams – BGT 2008 S2 – 18:56

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Got Talent is a British talent show TV format developed by Simon Cowell’s SYCOtv company and owned by Fremantle Media Ltd. It has spawned spin-offs in over 70 countries, in what is now referred to as the ‘Got Talent’ format, similar to that described by Fremantle of the ‘Idol’ and ‘The X Factor’ singing show competition formats. Unlike those shows, Got Talent showcases a wide variety of artistic disciplines in addition to singing.

‘Got Talent’ was named the world’s most successful reality TV format ever by Guinness World Records. Cowell stated, β€œI am very proud that Got Talent is a home grown British show. We owe its success to a group of very talented producers all over the world who have made this happen. And of course amazing talent.”

Top 10 Talent is a YouTube channel that selects and showcases the best performances from Got Talent, Idol, and X Factor shows around the world from America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Pilipinas Got Talent, India’s Got Talent, Canada’s Got Talent, Ukraine’s Got Talent and so many more…



  1. What a horrible video to post of the first guy.Not only in front of millions of people even in front of us.I felt so bad for the daughters 😒

  2. That was utterly ridiculous! I've lost all respect for Dani and Sheryl. Louis was already beneath my contempt. 😑 At least Simon tried to control the situation but then Louis had to go and open his big, stupid mouth.

  3. Wow good job youtube robots πŸ˜‚

  4. Unfortunately we have become too woke as a society and these auditions are no longer allowed. These auditions is what made the shows bearable.

  5. lucky we muslim we dont embarassed ourself like this….lol

  6. Very mean with the first contestant

  7. Second guy was sickening, OTT. Hefkd himself right up. Sickening to be around.

  8. The camera people did the first guy wrong😭

  9. Louie is hilarious and brings so much laughter and levity to this otherwise atrocious program!


  11. I feel bad for Steve, hope he got through

  12. There was nothing wrong about laughing at the first guy because everybody was happy and he was happy too.

  13. They should have stopped him immediately

  14. 9:00 πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  15. So glad they got rid of the contestants being judged in the first instance by the premiere judges line up. The humiliation of audtioners was unnecessary. I prefer the present system where they are obviosly pre- screened to weed out the embarrassingly, humiliatingly, godawful non-singers.
    However, I do really, really really miss Cheryl Cole's deeply puzzled and concerned facial expression of disbelief. So beautiful, even when she was deeply horrified.

  16. Second guy absolutely desrved the silence. Narcissistic.


  18. I feel so bad for the first guy omg πŸ™

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