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Naturists Rally To Save Nudist Beach After Crackdown

Naturists are campaigning to save their clothes-free beaches after a police crackdown in Queensland saw many receive fines.

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  1. This Video is very Very Very Nice ❤❤❤ thanks you My friends for the video very much ❤❤❤

  2. Oh, this is absolutely precious! Pure joy! 🌈 👅👅👅🍑🍑🍑

  3. Wow, this is truly magical! Enchanting! 🌟 👄👄👄🍆🍆🍆

  4. Sex is dirty & sex is bad. Nudity equals sex. Can't even think about sex. It's too dirty

  5. Good video, and it's interesting that it has been done in Australia, thus I didn't know that there are nudist beaches or places, good idea, it would be interesting that you would do a video about naturist-nudist beaches and places here in Colombia, despite the fact that are fews, thus there are good places. Greetings from Bogotá Colombia.

  6. Impressive skills! I'm amazed! 👍👄👄👄🍌🍌🍌

  7. Францияни ер ютадиган булиб кетибдида.

  8. i am not fun of nudist tourism but what's the problem ? u can go another place if u do not like it there are millions of beaches in the world

  9. The nude beaches look amazing. I would love to visit some of them.

  10. Well I’m surprised that there is such an outcry from the textile public in Australia about nudity on public beaches. The nudists have the right idea, the rest should give it a try, because they will probably like it, and join in to their new found freedom. And, everyone will get a good dose of vitamin D as well! 👍👍😀😀😀

  11. The human body needs nude beeches, so the skin can breath! Save our nude beaches! Keep up the good work!

  12. Bunch of prudes, If they don't like it don't hang around like a pervert. Go to another beach we have so much beach space there's very few nude beaches, in fact so few you would have to go out of your way to find one! Stop being a perv and go elsewhere simple!
    Your people better shut your eyes if you ever travel to parts of Europe like Spain and France it's everywhere!

  13. It says more about the police.
    Queensland police are some of the laziest police in Australia.
    Have a look at how the Queensland police acted during C19.

  14. Mainstream bias is difficult to fight. But these people don't even want to fight, they just want peace. Why are people so nosy and controlling?

  15. That "unsavory stuff" is natural and usually at secluded places on the beach. It's so prudish to say people aren't going to be horny and act out on it. Yeah, don't do it in front of a bunch of other people, especially families if they are nudists. I get so weary of people being so put out by guys or girls having a little secluded fun in the dunes. Get a life!

  16. 🏖🇧🇷🏖🇧🇷🏖🏖🇧🇷🏖🇧🇷🏖

  17. I'm a nudist live in the 🇺🇸 USA a member of AANR American Association For Nude Recreation 😉. You know what they say freedom is not free! You got too fight for everything! Organize and educate people. I only stayed at AANR camps, why because I know there safe and have always found the people too be friendly and true 👍

  18. The problem with nudism is it doesn’t increase tourism or raise local housing prices 😅 Capitalism does not really promote freedom at the end of the day 😢

  19. If some people have problems by seeing nude people, why don't they simply consult a psychologist?

  20. I’d never have guessed Australia would be so prudish 🤔

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