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Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan

Japan’s obsession with cutesy culture has taken a dark turn, with schoolgirls now offering themselves for “walking dates” with adult men. Last year the US State Department, in its annual report on human trafficking, flagged so-called joshi-kosei osanpo dates (that’s Japanese for “high school walking”) as fronts for commercial sex run by sophisticated criminal networks.

In our exclusive investigation, VICE News host Simon Ostrovsky will bring you to one of Tokyo’s busiest neighborhoods, where girls solicit clients in their school uniforms, to a concert performed by a band of schoolgirls attended by adult men, and into a café, where teenage girls are available to hire by the hour. But the true revelations come behind closed doors, when schoolgirls involved in the rent-a-date industry reveal how they’ve been coerced into prostitution.

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  1. Internment camps. Orwellian surveillance. Silence. This year, Isobel Yeung went undercover in a special report that reveals how China is oppressing the Muslim minority Uighur people in horrific conditions. Watch it here – http://bit.ly/2Xfyu36

  2. Ms. Yumeno Nito is a true hero.

  3. Japan is a very closed society
    People interact with other people very less.
    So they have to fill the void of having communication with a person so i think these culture are very popular in japan
    My opinion though.

  4. Japan is a very closed society
    People interact with other people very less.
    So they have to fill the void of having communication with a person so i think these culture are very popular in japan
    My opinion though.

  5. Why is there so much Only in Japan?
    "Japan is a superorganism"


  6. The bigger the city, the darker the nightlife.

  7. この動画を年に1度、お正月に見ることが自分の中での謎ルーティーンになっている。

  8. Their mothers willingly sell their children. Some are specifically bred for people in Hollywood and politics.

  9. This was a long lasting question in my head all day this is really sad I feel bad these girls were made and blessed by God

  10. Ridiculous…in asian cultures this is NORMAL…esp Japan. Why pretend it isn't part of the culture?

  11. Typical of a misogynist society. Disgusting.

  12. japan has this weird issue with the sexualization of kids, especially girls cause it’s seen in media…

  13. Unethical reporting.. using hidden camera to expose that guy..

  14. Absolutely fantastic! I'm applauding! 👏 🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆

  15. A schoolgirl could mean a girl who is in college 🤷🏽 so just say they’re minors for better clarification

  16. Step one stop calling them “school girls” they’re MINORS

  17. More fun in Philippines this is Romel romel

  18. Enjo kosai = dating for profit. The term was first used in the very late-'80s.

  19. Difficult to believe this is legal anywhere in the world

  20. Can't believe this is going on horrible

  21. Sadness that children are not protected to reach adulthood. So cute and kindhearted beings being exploited and destroyed inside by humans who doesn't control lust.

  22. There’s worse prostitution in LA. Just drive down Figueroa in south LA any time of the day. It’s way worse and dangerous. All of us Americans should worry about what’s in our backyards before we have an opinion on anything outside our country

  23. Much like many of the feeds on FB.

  24. the japanese idol stuff really reminds me of the kpop industry. they definitely have their similarities. except, i think the kpop industry has a lot more female fans (but i don't know that for sure). i think a lot of the fans of japanese idols are usually men, at least that's how it has been depicted.

  25. It's amazing, the documentary wants to see Japan as a country of perverts who all like little schoolgirls and don't offer any opportunities to adult women. But that's not true! Sexuality is often suppressed in Japan, people don't say exactly what they want. That's why there are sometimes outlets like tentacle porn or JK fetish. That's why Japanese people aren't perverts like the rest of the world

  26. It shouldn't be happening in a health society. It is so much dangerous for chuldren. WHen children are in danger in a country, there must be horrible conditions in it. It shou;d be changed immediately

  27. Self righteous white people going to save the Japanese from their criminals 😂😂😂😂 Dude respect Japan. Respect their culture or get the fk out. Two white men telling Asians what to do 😂😂😂😂 idiots. I hope the Yakuza pays you a visit. 😂😂😂

  28. I think Simon's reporting was sound. However, he got all indignant when somebody told him he couldn't film the girls on the street. Try that in the United States! The girl or her friend would pull out their smartphone, record the incident and call 911. The Cops would be there in three minutes, and that Man would be hauled directly to jail. In most of the U,S, it is ILLEGAL to record underage kids, walking down the street, in the grocery store, or wherever. Usually, even THE PRESS in the U.S. will blur their faces out, if they are in the background during an interview with an adult. As it SHOULD BE.

  29. And japan is supposed to be a futuristic society? Such a backwards perverted place

  30. Sadly, there are no benefits for Japanese lawmakers to stop such abuse (e.g., these girls can't vote).

  31. Can anyone tell me what was the intro to this song or what name was the intro song

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