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Mastering the Art of Printing OnlyFans Subscribers Using Dating Apps Like Tinder: Ultimate Framework

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I am the founder of Your Onlyfans Empire [YOFE Agency]. A highly successful modeling agency, originally established in Melbourne, Australia back in 2021. YOFE Agency operates on an innovative and remote working model, managing models in the top 1% from all over the world. My team and I currently manage a team of 18 models, and growing, who consistently earn upwards of $20k each month from simply uploading content to a Google Drive folder from the comfort of their own homes.

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  1. Hi Bjorn, after using the method correctly for a few days, Tinder stopped sending notifications and said "error when matching" I think I'm shadowbanned, because I don't get a sign that my account has been suspended, is this temporary? has it happened to you?

  2. After I introduced my number on Tinder for the sign up I was asked to complete a puzzle? Did that ever happen to you? Now I’m SB with 99+ likes

    I use brand new SIM, new Apple ID, everything fresh, but I still got it, what could be the problem?

    Everything is fine on Bumble, but Tinder is acting really weird

  3. Great content as always… joining discord this week, see you!

  4. Y'all ruin dating sites. Being a guy trying to find someone to make a connection with, is 10x harder when you have to sift through all the girls promoting their onlyfans. It's seriously predatory behavior.

  5. speaking of watermark on photo, my 5 months old verified account got shadowban, just after few days of posting a photo model holding balloon with her instagram handle written on it , wasnt even the main profile photo on her tinder. thinking of deleting the app only instead of reset factory ipad, hopefully it works as its only shadow ban

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