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Register To Get 5000TRX || Recharge Any Amount To Ativate The Account To Participate In Mining

Register and give away 5000YTY computing power, start mining, and get mining income every day.
As long as you deposit 5TRX, you can withdraw 5% every day. Lifelong benefit.asily earn 5000YTY at home

Click the link below to view the white paper:


Registration Link – https://www.tronyty.vip/h5/#/regist?code=34979

whatsapp customer service: https://wa.me/+15813409241

Telegram Customer Service: https://t.me/TRONYTY

Telegram group: https://t.me/tronyty1

Registration reward: [5000 (digital currency)]

Cumulative deposit [5-50000TRX] Minimum daily income 5%

Cumulative deposit [50001-500000 TRX] Minimum daily income 6%

Cumulative deposit [500001-1000000TRX] Minimum daily income 7%

Cumulative deposit [1000001-5000000 TRX] Minimum daily income 8%

Cumulative deposit [5000001-10000000TRX] minimum daily income 9%

Cumulative deposit exceeds [10000001TRX] minimum daily income 10%

Users register to recharge by sharing the promotion link, and the promotion wallet can get TRX rewards. The promotion account will receive the top-up amount, which is 13% for the first level, 6% for the second level, and 3% for the third level.
(If you want to participate in the event, you must take the initiative to contact the service application, the time limit is before 22:00 on the same day, otherwise it will take effect the next day!


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