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How Many Hamsters Do I Actually Have?

Do I really have a lot of hamsters?
And how about their relationships?
Let’s see…

1. Miss Miso – Longhaired cream Syrian hamster
2. Mr Pineapple – Longhaired cream Syrian hamster
3. Mrs Paprika – Longhaired cream Syrian hamster
4. Miss Taro – Pearl winter white hamster
5. Mrs Muffin – Longhaired cream rex Syrian hamster
6. Mrs Topokki – Longhaired ivory satin Syrian hamster
7. Mr Pomelo – Longhaired ivory satin Syrian hamster

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  1. 😂I rolled off my chair laughing at the part when Playboy Pineapple left his wife for a young girl

  2. My hamste is a dwarf sapphire winter white but he is as chonky as miso

  3. Are you eating the one you don't want or something

  4. Gurl give me at least 2 of them THAT. TO. CUTE!!!

  5. Roses are red violets are blue i liked my own comment cuz no one will do:(
    Btw muffin is soo cool with the gun ❤

  6. All your vids make me want to get a hamster right now. THEY ARE SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How much hamsters do you have 1,000,000,000

  8. All these fluffballs have a big family. Only 1 Hamster Miss Miso is the one who almost died, Rest in peace when you passed away Miso, We will all miss you no matter what.

    According to other Hamsters, their still remaining safe and for Miso. Hope she live happily forever with her family, sibling and her owner

  9. ⌐╦╦═─o==[]::::::::::::::::>

  10. oh ! so cute miso taro paprika muffin😘

  11. I love my hamster… And our love life too… ❤

  12. TENIA UN MONTON ay yo quisiese

  13. I only know jalapeno and miso and kumaqq and mooncake and pinapple❤❤

  14. When we were away for Christmas many years ago, our male hamster chewed his way into our two female hamsters cages, and we ended up with 24 hamsters. Thank you for all you do for hammies.

  15. In the past I thought Hamsters weren't for me…now I really want one and I'll start building the enclosure soon 🙂

  16. Get ME TO THE PARTY the singer is taro

  17. Jealous i cant take my robo hamster yet ._.

  18. Omg even tho I keep cats I have the same number and genders as yours!!
    7 cats 5 girls and 2 boys!!
    And your hammies are soooo adorable ❤❤
    I wanna get a hamster someday TwT

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