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Why do most women choose to be single? (Ep. 308)

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We all know that the divorce rates are way up, cheating is commonplace in most if not all relationships, and as Anthony Dream Johnson pointed out on the Red Man group a while back, that the dating market is a shit show. As men we’ve figured this out and have decided to opt out of marriage and men who go MGTOW opt out of relationships altogether which is understandable considering the way things are now.

Now women, have predictably have followed suit because of course they always do what men do…they’re always emulating us thinking they’ll achieve male contentment and all the rest of that which is for another show, but the main reasons they choose to remain single are very different from the reasons men do.

More men are deciding to stay single because many of them have had their eyes opened as to who and what women really are which is a far cry from who we have been raised to believe that they are. Some men are obviously single because they have to be, then you have men who are never getting married because they have red pill awareness and of course you have men who are never getting married because they fail miserably in the dating market.

The reasons more men and women are choosing to be single or very different… But women are opting for the Single life for extremely selfish reasons. No some people might say “but Donovan, men are staying single for selfish reasons to“ and you would be right… The difference is that men would not be selfish if we didn’t have to be. In other words if women weren’t so poorly behaved, low-quality and just not worth investing time emotion and resources into them most men would settle down like they used to back in the day. And I think the vast majority of men out there would agree. We as men can talk all we want to about how great it is to sleep with many different women, but at the end of the day we know that settling down with one quality female that we can rely on to be loyal is a much better life… if being the operative word.

The thing is, is that girls don’t intend to be single forever. Eventually they would all like to settle down and have kids. But for now they are spending most of their fertile years and peak physical attractiveness fucking anything with a dick. They put off marriage and family is because they CAN….unlike men who do so because we HAVE to and men with red pill awareness are never taking that plunge. ***NOTICE***
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  1. Because they're so toxic and dysfunctional that no sane man wants them anyway. Any woman who claims she "prefers" to stay single already knows she's an ugly bag of sewage.

  2. Donovan, I saw entreprenuers in cars last video and I still think u need to have some fucking respect for yourself. talking about "I disagree with that……., men rather have pussy than not" SMH. You bow down to PUSSACELAYA I swear, read the comment section in that last E.I.C. video, yo ass was getting made fun of and disrespected.

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