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Pakistani Actresses whose Scandals Came Publicly | Leaked Video of Actresses – Celebrity News Latest

In video, scandals of famous Pakistani actresses will be shared.

Showbiz is world of glamor and in this glamor world every name have private life but some actresses personal content goes viral and in this list Actress saba qamar,mahira khan,alizeh shah,meera and mathira included.

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  1. Yaar ye pahle number ki actress ki sakal to hamare yaha india ke actor se milti hai uski behen to nahi sayad😂😂

  2. 1. Fatima Sohail
    2.aliza shah
    3. Matheera
    4.uzuma khan

  3. Sex is a body need , just like eating food and drinking water.

    Nothing wrong in having sex with or without marriage.

  4. No comments 😢, these are those bitches who are spoiling all the new generation, May Allah give them hidayah Ameen

  5. are bhai inhe famous hone ke liye inhe chudna padta hai

  6. Dafaho 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤮

  7. Why not criticize men for cigarettes

  8. Aur suru hogaye vulgarity yeha bi pe……so let's not criticise other countries…

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