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Everton Stadium is now one year into its monumental build – and is already changing the city skyline.

From a water-filled, semi-derelict dock, the site is quickly transforming into the Club’s new home.

We take a look back at a momentous 12-months at Bramley-Moore Dock.

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  1. Regent Road mostly used by industry and HGVs, next to a water sanitation plant, a little way down from a massive scrap yard and stinking ship cargoes being offloaded, Only 1 Chinese owned cafe nearby and no designated bus route, I dont think the southport/hunts cross train line will be able to cope. The waterfront sounds all glamorous until you see Liverpools, its still a working river full of surrounding industry. The stadium will be a shiny new button on a dirty old pair of overalls. Should have spent on players instead.

  2. Love all the bitter kopites on here. We’re not going down – and the city’s all ours

  3. Mother nature is watching

  4. Nice one good engineering,I like it

  5. A Team that has been trading on long past glories for decades and battling relegation has no business building a Stadium like this! …. At least those Championship Teams will have fun playing there!

  6. I predict titles will be won in this stadium. Everton will once again be crowned champions in their shining new stadium.

  7. Imagine they started this when Everton were competing for Europe

  8. Can't wait to see qpr there next season

  9. Looking to good for champion league football next year

  10. TESCO comming soon 😂😂😂

  11. why do you need new stadium, old one is good as it is

  12. Харомилар кризис шкилию сенларда биторсин бораман довбойоби

  13. The 'music' was a real turn off,just a lot of noise,did nothing for the video.

  14. It will be the nicest stadium in the Championship.

  15. They should let them float down river, straight into the welsh league where they truly belong.

  16. When massive corporations and business's ain't worried about spending hundreds of millions of pounds on buildings on an estuary/sea front it tells us don't worry about sea level rise.

  17. Be a nice welcome gift for the championship 😆

  18. Why build a stadium on the waterfront……haven’t they heard of climate change and rising sea levels! 😂🤣😂

  19. Why is the music soooo poor!?

  20. Did they only just find the German UXO when they started construction? So crazy if so

  21. Allianz Field will be better than this place.

  22. Wait. Unexploded WW2 bombs? What ? lol

  23. Will be the most expensive championship stadium ever

  24. What's the estimate on how much the building will sink per year? I refer you to Kansai International Airport which has sunk 38ft since it was built on reclaimed land in 1994.

  25. That's an excellent Championship stadium

  26. The UK's biggest public toilet………..I can smell the stench from here!!!

  27. In Inghilterra fanno uno stadio nuovo ogni anno in Italia a parte la Juventus ne fanno uno nuovo ogni secolo beata Inghilterra.

  28. Be the best stadium in the championship 😂

  29. I guess sea level rising is just a myth than🤣

  30. Wonder what will eventually SINK first, stadium or team.

  31. How long till the stadium be ready??

  32. Quando ficar pronto Everton vai estar na série C vive apanhado no campeonato inglês

  33. 👍👍👏👏🔥🔥

  34. I wonder how many Liverpool shirts have been buried in the foundations

  35. Low land warning will sink


  37. Esse time merece mto uma nova arena 🇧🇷💙💙💙💙💙

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