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Use 2 Cameras in OBS Easy!

Use 2 Cameras in OBS EASY!

People who teach on line can really benefit from a multi camera setup. One face cam and one for your feet to teach dance steps. Or the Piano, or the guitar. The application is endless.

And its easy!

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  1. So basically just buy two cameras or you can use your phone?

  2. i would highly suggest giving your people more credit. things like. "thank you so mcuh for watching, i hope your gys are doing well"

  3. i can not get both of my cams to work at the same time

  4. Seriously, is it just me that doesn’t work?

  5. What version do you use? Can I run this on my android phone with 2 cameras recordings simultaneously? I do not see your version on on Play Store..


  7. This is not easy i got lost.

  8. Hi Micheal …It was Nice and Helpful… Thank You


  10. Just show people what they are searching for. This is more filler than content like 90% of these videos.

  11. I don't See the Move in transition 🙁

  12. Hi sir, can we use the cameras of the phone as camera for this?

  13. lost me at 2:54, what screen are you on at 2:54 is that some program or youtube? no clue thanks Ronny

  14. You wanted a suggestion, here's mine. All I wanted to know was the title of this video, "Use 2 Cameras in OBS Easy!" You went way down the rabbit hole going into a bunch of stuff I didn't need. Maybe cut your videos in parts. Start with covering the subject of the tutorial first without all the other stuff, then part 2 you can talk about sizing, color, flipping images etc. Thanks

  15. when i add another VCD it doesnt show anything.

  16. Please slow down or repeat some steps.

  17. Hello👋, New here.
    Your personality got my sub and that combined with your informative content will keep me watching!

  18. I loooooooove this. So much added knowledge… God bless you 🙏🏻

  19. You’re funny
    Subscribed! 😂

  20. Just wanted to know how to Input 2 camera.

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