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Adult Website Offers to Save Canceled Netflix Show

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xHamster, a popular adult website, wants to revive a cancelled Netflix show! Plus, a Netflix tax could be coming your way, Shonda Rhimes is bringing her brand to the streaming giant, and Marvel and Lucasfilm may stick around Netflix a little longer than we thought!

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  1. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. That pantomime at the end of the segment tho. I see what you did there you cheeky girl.

  3. Who is the gorgeous blonde with the pink hair?

  4. Netflix " Only I can try to bet up on Disney." Disney " Only I can take my shows away from Netflix." everyone else " Those two just need to fight it out. They will be best friends, or never speek again. Either way just get it over with."

  5. The hosts are confused. I never once got the impression that Sense8 was going to stay on Netflix. I'm sure that xHamster means to put Sense8 on their website as their show. This would mean that the Sense8 would be severed from Netflix.

  6. I judge everyone who knows about xhamster! You're not guilty, court adjourned.

  7. I bet if Netflix did bite on the offer, they already had a pitch for a future Netflixxx

  8. Xhamster is a company, makes money, is that a such blasfamy for them to want to change their investments in different content?

  9. lmao Xhamster can't afford this shit!

  10. I think there is a very good point though. The number of services I have is greater than I thought it would be. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, gaming server, PSN, XBox Gold. Somehow Millennials are horrible for killing the napkin industry. Also all this shit together is still less than I would be spending on Cable or DirectTV.

  11. XHamster should totally produce season 3 of Sense8, Xhamster will have to form another production company for non-pornographic but still somewhat explicit material

  12. its not as if Netflix had all that great a selection of disney movies to begin with.

  13. What you say about Disney's Streaming is that your also not thinking about all the shows that they can put on this. All the Disney Afternoon stuff could go up on there, all the shows that was on The Disney Channel can be there and there are are far more studios besides Pixar, Lucas, and Marvel. I think that they could easily fill this with content.

  14. I would definitely sign up for a Disney streaming service for the right price. I always loved their classic movies and I think my kids would too.

  15. Never understood how it was ok to own a VCR and tape the video but not ok to stream it

  16. Xhamster click bait story. you're giving them free press

  17. "what it amounts to is a doller a month which is about 50 to 52 dollars a year, which, this stuff really does add up…" hahaha

    Maybe it does add up…

    only in America.

  18. The Wachowskis (The Wachowski Brothers, then The Wachowski Sisters) said that despite the offer for xHamster to revive Sense8, they would refuse to partner with a company who used pejoratives to describe trans people. I think they were wrong to pass up that opportunity. It should be about what the fans want, surely? Netflix was on-board if the Wachowskis were, if xHamster were only to finance it.

  19. thats really cool for a porn streaming site to offer to take Sense8 but im thinking its a troll

  20. If xhamster could cast Ron Jeremy in Sense8, that would be awesome.

  21. I watch xHamster more than Netflix

  22. Taxing Netflix, and streaming services is the same as double taxing. We already pay tax for the internet to be able to watch Netflix. Taxing a Amazon i can understand as all the products we buy are available off line. Netflix is not. To tax that is a double tax.

  23. When I first found out there was a porn site called XHamster I laughed so hard.

  24. Disney life has been going for ages and is basically that app I don't get why it's such a new thing

  25. Netflix should let them —- we need a Season 3!!!! SENSE 8 FOREVER!!

  26. There is a reason why they canceled Sense8, it was terrible and needed to be gone.

  27. Really??? It's 2017 people!! Are we really still living in a world where the word "porn" makes people squirm and giggle?!?! Sense8 was primarily cancelled because of increased actor salaries and the HUGE production costs surrounding the worldwide filming. If someone else wants to cover that tab…. hear them out! If you're the type that gets offended by the idea of porn/sex/nudity…. then you shouldn't be watching Sense8 in the 1st place!! Right???
    Other than your average Screen Junkies, I guarantee 98% of the population couldn't tell you which studios produced their 3 favorite movies. Sooo essentially…. WHO CARES WHERE the F'n $$$ comes from?!?!? Just give us more of a good thing!!

  28. @rothcornet do you think that Netflix might possibly be hoping for a Disney buyout? Netflix is a few dollars in debt…..

  29. I see Disney taking back all the titles when they bring their own streaming service to the market.

    As for all the "kid oriented" content everyone is talking about,where do you put Star Wars? I'm waiting on the service to show up and then figure out which service I drop.

  30. Fast and Furious 😍😍😍 look at it!

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