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How I Made 50k In Just 3 Months

How I Made 50k In Just 3 Months After Going On Unemployment & Losing My Source Of Income due to COVID lockdowns. It’s been a crazy journey and I’ve tried a ridiculous amount of different side hustles, business ideas, and more.

In just a short amount of time I went from filming weddings, to unemployment, to sleepless nights, to starting a journey that would eventually lead me here. I also have an absolutely insane goal. I’m trying to make a million dollars in a year. Kind of crazy right? Well I think it’s possible and I’m working really hard to get there by stepping outside my comfort zones and taking some risks. This video goes through some of things I’ve learned in my first 3 months, how I’ve gotten to where I am and where I’m going from here. If you’re an entrepreneur or looking at starting your own business, theres a ton of great insight in this video you won’t want to miss.


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  1. full of shit 🙂 the speech was so generic dude pls its just cringe

  2. Well how did you make you money?

  3. Hi Jesse, love your hustle… looks like your YouTube has evolved into a crypto channel. I subbed because of your TIME staking video. I can sense you are genuine about your journey. Are you not in marketing business anymore or are you solely focused on crypto now?

  4. Jesse,

    Could you please share your Scheduler. How exactly do you plan?

  5. cool man congratulations you deserve it 🙏🏻

  6. Hey Jess,

    Mush blessings, looking forward for a mutual business in the future with you. See you soon in The US when borders open. Please drop me your email to keep in touch.

  7. and what role does crypto play in your day?

  8. You are inspirational man, thanks!

  9. Dude. Love the idea of the planner. So fun to see a dream become reality. You’ve had so many different ideas. Excited to see that $50k multiply!

  10. Great video Jesse! Can’t wait for my planner (your planner) to show up! Keep up the grind! It’s motivating!!!

  11. Appreciate hearing about your drive toward your goal. It’s inspiring.

    Curious… is this TikTok content spliced back together. Seems like the same message. Will your YouTube channel have the same focus as TikTok or will it go more in depth about something that you don’t on TikTok ?

  12. Hey 🙂 would you be able to check my comment on your previous video? I want to preorder your planner

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