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So here it is, new treasure hunt of our all-mighty, the one and the only, Major Hamster! Corridors full of traps with evil guardian, the Zombie Robot in the final stage… But Major has one single goal and he is ready to face anything! Will he use his smart moves and intelligence once more and overcome all obstacles? Desire for the treasure is great! Let’s check out if he will manage to get another trophy.

PLEASE NOTE that our hamster was not under any pressure, while filming this, whatsoever. Major Hamster loves to overcome any sort of obstacles, he’s very curious and adventurous. We take very good care of our “actors”, so the hamster was not in any danger while filming. Major Hamster was awarded with many treats after filming.

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  1. In 4:31 put in 0.25 sounds like a motorcycle

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  3. That Robot zombie was Scratch ah hahaha 🤣 DROP

  4. One of the best maze designs I have seen so far! More power to you!

  5. 😵🥴🚴🏊‍♂️🏊⛹‍♂️🤸‍♀️🧱🏩🪵🏐🎁🏈👙🥿👠

  6. This was the first Major hamster movie I watched. It was so amazing I had to watch till the VERY end. From that time on, I've watched all of the movies 🙂

  7. (I'm more than 1 year later, but…)

    Yes, YES!! The evil giant trash bin has been defeated!! Go for it, Major Hamster, you're the BEST!!

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