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[ASMR] Bunny -Boy wants you…[NAUGHTY | MAKING OUT | FLIRTY | INTIMATE | 16 +]



  1. [ STORY ]

    The bunny boy woke up – after a long and naughty night. He only wear your Sweater, drinks his sweet coffee and starts to whsiper sweet things.
    Can you resist?

    I hope you can enjoy the Video as much as I did hehe


    Lop-Eared Guard


    Lin Qian

    Status in COO
    93 Chapters + 5 extras (Completed)


    For the world to function and sustain, it has to be inevitability built on hierarchy. As precious, rare resources, high-grade omegas are kept in captivity by powerful, elite alphas in order to reproduce the next high quality generation.
    Yan Yi, a lop-eared rabbit omega, had once ravaged the battlefield with the powerful peregrine falcon alpha Lu Shangjin, had once loved him deeply, and had once tasted his heartlessness.
    Now, he could only succumb to the social order and submit to his subordinate nature.






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  2. Wait at the first when he talk why it kinda sound like SHOTO!!!???

  3. ‘I can’t wait for your creamy surprise at the end’ bye-

  4. So I found your very first videos first a few days ago and dude the way your voice has changed is crazy I literally threw my phone across my room because I lowkey (highkey) gay panicked 😭

  5. ngl he sounds like a boy from my class and I’ve had the biggest crush on him for like 3 years now😭😭 I can’t stop thinking it could be him…. Like even the accent fits so perfectly

  6. Is this a little late? Hell yeah it is, needed some time for myself first, but now we’re on track! :3c

    Now then…

    It’s springtime, just a little after easter… and what’s this?

    /) /)
    ( • ༝•) ~ 💛 A bunny, it seems! They’ve come with a wish for all of you, as well as a note…

    [ “Hello everyone, a traveler in a box told me to leave these writings for you. I, on the other hand, have another treasure to offer! Would you like this heart as a sign of my gratitude?” ]


    * door opens, walking sounds *

    Mh… Hah… Good morning… Morning.

    Mh~ Good morning… ah…

    * tired exhale and yawn *

    Hey. Did you… make my coffee yet?

    * bird peeps *

    Uwah~ I thought you forgot again~ mh… ah. Thank you.

    * spoon and cup clinking noises; coffee sipping *

    Ah… Last night… was really good.

    Haha, sorry, was… that out of nowhere~?

    I just wanted to see how you would react. That’s it.

    Hm? My… my… bottom is fine. You? Don't worry about it.

    * more bird peeps *

    Did you… sleep well, hm?

    * bunny boy moves in closer and sniffs you *

    You smell really good. Is that new… is that a new perfum– deodorant?

    Mh… * soft laugh * I like it. You… should wear it more often. Mh…

    * walking; bunny takes a sip *

    Oh, by the way, I hope you don't mind that I took your sweater.

    I couldn't… resist to take it.

    Also, I’m not wearing any underwear, so this is perfect~ pretty pick. * mischievous laugh *

    Um, hey. No need to spit out your drink.

    I don't look that good now. I just… I’m… I’m all messed up.

    Like… my hair and… my clothes. Everything.

    But… no wonder, the night was pretty long, wasn’t it~?

    Hahah~ awww sorry… I didn’t want to make you flustered. Hm?

    Aw, hey. Hey, come on. Come to me, come on.

    Hah? I want to cuddle~ is that… too much?

    It's a little bit hard to do that when you're standing in the kitchen, hm?

    Come on, come to me. Hah… ah.

    * walking, breathing, and clothes rustling *

    Hi~ <3

    * kissing ensues *

    Hmm~ Aw. I… I’m sorry, but… I think I can see that I left some scratches behind.

    But to be honest… they kinda suit you~

    * deep laugh, then kissing *

    I love to lay on your chest. It feels so comfortable…

    * more kissing *

    And with those scratches? Everyone will know that you are mine~ Awww… come on, I think that's cute.

    Hey, look at me. You have such a cute face… I would love to…

    * a little nom, followed by a kiss *

    …Was that too cheesy? I’m sorry. Hm…

    * kissing *

    I can’t keep my… lips off of you.

    I’m sorry, you taste really good, and… and… you know in which case, in which… * ahem * y-you know.

    You know how I mean that. Right? Ah-!

    Hah… mh… nh~ well, no, I’m… I’ll leave you… again.

    What are you going to do, hm~? * mischievous laugh *

    What am I going to do? Hmmm… I don’t think I will do anything.

    To be honest, I love the sight… I love the view I have.

    Huh? Me? A naughty bunny? I don't deny it, I'm honest about that…

    But that's also your credit, as my owner…

    * deep kissing and soft moaning *

    Wait… what are you doing…?

    Ah… my ears… ah… stop teasing me like that, come on. Mh… mh~

    * more gentle moaning *

    Oh, come on… come on, kiss me already~

    You have been staring at my lips for a pretty long time… ah!

    Hey, do you want me to scratch you again?

    Stop it, come on… ah…

    Come on, kiss me. More… more, come on…

    * deep kissing noises and soft moaning *

    I think playing with your tongue is my favorite part.

    * deep kissing and more making out with some moaning *

    A-Ah? Oh… you took advantage of your position.

    You did! Hey… Stop… moving your knee like that…

    Oh, calling me a naughty bunny. * mischievous laughter *

    * whispering * I scratched all over your back last night, can you survive another long round in that condition, hm?

    Oh, you’re such a lovely human being…

    I don’t think you can. No no no…

    * more intense kissing and some moaning ~ *

    Hm~ aah… mnh~ nh… ah~ Owner, please, I… mh… nh~ ah…

    * more kissing and soft moaning *

    Oh, you like what you see? Hm?

    Only in your sweater~ hahah… Me, spreading my legs slightly… * clothing noises as he moves around *

    Oh… I am a naughty bunny. I love to tease you.

    I love to play with you, and you know that.

    But I know that you love to play with me as well…

    Well, time for a third round, hm? Ahahaha~

    Well, fucking good morning to you too, babe.

    To be honest, I can't wait for your creamy surprise at the end… ah… hah… mhahah~

    H-hey… ah… mh…

    * more kissing and moaning *

    H-hey… I…

    * and so it continues mhm *

    Oh… you’re all over the place~ You enjoy to tease and kiss me like that, don’t you?

    You do… Do you want me to turn around, hm?

    Do you want me to turn around, hmmm~?

    Oh, you too? Oh, you want that, don’t you~ * more mischievous laughter *

    Fine, but you have to let me stand up then. Hah…

    * kissies *

    I love you. You know that, right?

    [END HERE]

    Until next time~

    – boxie 💙

  7. I always get the tingels listening to these

  8. Ni siquiera puedo formular una oración en inglés en este momento

  9. Hello how are you? Hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself it’s been a while since I last commented on your audios and just wanted to let you know that I’m finally able to be an outpatient now but I do have a surgery to remove a brain tumor soon. So just wanted to say hello and wanted to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself and drink lots of water love❤😊

  10. I hardly had time to comment something, but I can only say that the wait was totally worth it.

    Thank you for all the effort you put on your videos and i wish you a happy Easter 💐

  11. your voice is so cute i can't-

  12. I can't wait for this since this afternoon, it's really a masterpiece, as usual your voice is cute dude


  14. I was on time for the audio..finally l was waiting very long..love this 😊

  15. Great video as usual❤❤❤

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