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Excess deaths in 2023

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Excess deaths by week, 2023



Australia, weeks 1 – 34, 2023

14,710 (16.8%)

Covid deaths, 4,977

Australia, 2022, weeks 1 – 52

29,738 (18.7%)

Australia, excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 44,448

Austria, week 1 – 44, 2023

4,444 (6.5%)

Canada, weeks 1 – 33, 2023

28,400 (16.7%)

Covid deaths, 4,613

Canada, 2022

61,468 (22.3%)

Canada, excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 89,868

Denmark, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

3,052 (6.9%)

Covid deaths, 347

Denmark, 2022

5,871 (11%)

Denmark, excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 8,923

Finland, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

4,627 (10.5%)

France, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

22,268 (4.9%)

Covid deaths, 5,565

France, 2022

71,751 (11.9%)

Germany, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

59,039 (7.7%)

Germany, 2022

134, 578 (14.9%)

Greece, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

5,132 (5.2%)

Iceland, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

209 (11.5%)

Covid deaths, 0

Iceland, 2022

446 (20.2%)

Israel, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

4,303 (11.8%)

Covid deaths, 640

Israel, 2022

7,050 (15.4%)

Italy, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

938 (0.28%)

Netherlands, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

14,209 (11.3%)

Netherlands, 2022

19,326 (13.2%)

New Zealand, weeks, 1 – 44, 2023

3,960 (14.5%)

New Zealand, 2022

5,787 (17.6%)

Norway, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

1,885 (5.7%)

Norway, 2022

4,980 (12.5%)

Portugal, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

5,184 (6.3%)

Spain, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

11,948 (3.7%)

Switzerland, 1 – 44, 2023

2,063 (3.9%)

UK, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

49,389 (9.44%)

Covid deaths, 18,591

UK, 2022

52,514 (9.26%)

UK excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 101,903

Height of the Blitz, September 1940 to May 1941

UK civilian deaths, 40,000

Total civilian deaths for WW2, 70,000

US, weeks 1 – 37, 2023

155,763 (7.8%)

Covid deaths, 76,187

US, 2022

495,749 (17.53)

US excess deaths
2022 + 2023 = 651,512

Total US deaths in Vietnam war

The U.S. National Archives shows that 58,220 U.S. soldiers perished.


Hungary, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

-3,785 (-3.2%)

Poland, weeks 1 – 43, 2023

104 (0.13%)

Slovak republic, weeks 1 – 43, 2023

-774 (-1.54%)

Sweden, weeks 1 – 44, 2023

-529 (0.6%)



  1. Too many doses already bought, billions . CDC=ASS ( after sells service) .. as in France where It is becoming more and more difficult to be the Minister of Health,(Among other things)

  2. The reason lots of Japanese are dying is that it is a very obedient population, who trusted their government, and most people got injected with the poison. Japan is now facing extermination.

  3. Trump was actually anti-vaccine. They were hoping he would act on it so they could use it to take him down!
    He had to support it or be impeached for being an incompetent health risk. It doesn’t get any sicker than this. Their good crisis backfired and they had to follow through with their dangerous vaccines and false claims of the vaccines being fully tested, effective and safe! Now they are erasing tons of medical test data showing they lied about the vaccines being ready, tested or safe. It’s all coming out. They Weaponized the virus and vaccine against Trump because they value their political power over human life. Just like they hold innocent J6 protesters hostage and kill our families in their evil senseless wars!

  4. The baseline should be more prominent on the graphs.

  5. I find it very dishonest for you, book salesman, conspiracy theorist not to mention the data from office of national statistic, deaths by vaccination status statistics, which shows no correlation to excess deaths and vaccination status, this is a study by UK gov, shouldn't have been hard to find it for you, data show that adjusted by age and population, there is no increased death rate depending on vaccination status, please stop lying to people trying to sell your books, disgusting. I'm not a doctor and i can check it easily, for you to intentionally ignore and lie to people is completely pathetic, death by vaccination status age standardized for 100k is pretty much 1 to 1 unvac/vac people.

  6. since overdosing on medication and alcohol can cause heart failure, could it be possible that the number one death due to heart disease could include suicides as well, especially in elderly where it is just assumed that they died from heart failure and no autopsy was done and same with other cases? In addition considering a suicide death using medications and alcohol might be a slow death, could it be that traces of full amount of alcohol and medications had ​"digested​" or worked it's way out from system by the time the death had occurred?

    ​ AI:

    You raise some thoughtful points. A few things to consider:

    – It is possible that some suicides, especially in the elderly, could be misclassified as natural deaths like heart failure if no autopsy is performed. However, most mortality statistics do attempt to record cause of death accurately based on available evidence.

    – Traces of alcohol and medications can remain detectable in toxicology tests even if death occurred a while after initial ingestion. However, levels may be lower if more time has passed, making the direct cause of death harder to definitively determine.

    – Some researchers have hypothesized that a small percentage of "heart disease" deaths, especially in younger people, could be due to undiagnosed channelopathies – genetic conditions that cause irregular heart rhythms and sudden cardiac arrest that could potentially be triggered by substances like alcohol. However, the data is not clear enough to make definitive statements.

    – In general, medical examiners and coroners do their best to determine cause of death accurately, even in challenging situations. However, some incorrect classifications likely do occur, especially in less rigorous investigations. Overall though, it's unlikely this explains a large proportion of official heart disease mortality statistics. But it remains an area warranting further study.

    In the end, while possible suicide misclassification can occur in some cases, heart disease remains a leading cause of natural death. But better reporting standards could improve accuracy further. The issues you raise highlight areas where additional research would be beneficial to truly understand mortality trends.

  7. hello dr John, it really breaks my heart with what is happening in the world.Why don’t you make a research about detox ways?

  8. Need more
    Info on those excess deaths. I’d suspect it’s the aging Boomer population is padding those numbers. Id like to see excess deaths for 60 and under and how they compare to previous years. That would be far more valuable if we can get that data.

  9. It's terrifying that such harm can be put upon children and nobody bats an eyelid.

  10. My parents 80 and 84 have had all Covid vaccines my mum had a triple heart bypass in 2019 she recovered very well, since having her first covid vaccine her health has deteriorated she can barely walk two steps without getting breathless she has fluid in her legs she is 80 but her health was never this bad since the vaccine. My dad had a bad cough since his first jab he can’t get rid of it. So many of their friends/relatives would say above the age of 55 onwards have died more so this year. Heart attacks, strokes and cancer main causes. Me and my kids are the only ones in my family who are unvaccinated. My family members are always catching covid, or are having health problems but still won’t listen god knows what the future holds for them it’s frightening!!

  11. Do tor: that LinkedIn post may give an explanation about CDC's ' safe and effective' . Regardless : the ownership of the Vaccine is a very elaborate and secretive connection.

  12. I looked up celebrity deaths by year and compared the average annual deaths prior to 2020 and it was about 5,400 per year. In 2021 it was almost 7,000. A 30 % increase over the norm. 2021 was a huge vaccine uptake year where celebrities were first in line.
    If this small group had a 30% increase then the coverup is massive.

  13. Last minute of this video was powerful. Tragic what’s happening

  14. PLEASE talk about Herper zoster and diabetes in teenagers… I am a teacher…. I have noticed different effects on my students.

  15. IGNORANT DOCTORS: "IT IS DUE TO PEOPLE who did not exercise during the Pandemic"


  16. What a composed, informative and learned man you are. Thank you for your fact based and emotively controlled presentations. I knew the plan since the agenda 21 was written by Hemery Kissinger decades ago, so there is no illusion here. But for the sake of others, your demeanor and stoicism is appreciated. You are much appreciated. They care nothing for our children..

  17. I asked an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE site this question because I am not finding much information on this subject and it is being ignored and not talked about but it is a serious problem that will only increase! I have tried to reach out to gov't officials and news media but completely ignored. As of today, December 2023: how many people in united states have lost Medicaid and or snap benefits; and then taking those totals: how many of those people have died, then break down that death total to how the deaths occurred for example how many were suicides? How many were due to medical or disease related deaths? Etc. And typically deaths increase during the holidays, like Christmas, so death numbers are only going to go up. I think it is being ignored that the loss of Medicaid and food assistance will have a huge impact on the death totals but they will be covered up and hidden. Also drug overdoses with alcohol will affect the heart in a negative way; so I think if heart issues are the cause of death….the truth might be hidden if it was a suicide that caused it. Also people losing medical assistance won’t go into doctor and hospital for help, therefore they will die!


    Unfortunately I do not have access to definitive statistics on the specific number of people in the United States who have lost Medicaid or SNAP benefits so far in 2023, and how many deaths resulted from those losses.

    However, we do know that eligibility and access to essential benefits like Medicaid and SNAP can significantly impact health outcomes and mortality risk. Some high level points we can reasonably infer based on existing research:

    • Loss of medical coverage leads to barriers accessing healthcare. Lack of affordable treatment options contributes to otherwise preventable deaths from manageable or treatable health conditions.

    • Food insecurity resulting from loss of nutritional benefits is associated with higher mortality risk overall. Malnutrition and inadequate diet makes people more vulnerable to disease complications and chronic health issues that can shorten lifespans.

    • The stress of losing essential aid can contribute to deaths by suicide in some cases. Much is still unknown about exact figures though given limited current data.

    While we should avoid overly specific speculation without rigorous supporting data, we can responsibly conclude that the loss of Medicaid or SNAP does contribute to increased mortality from medical, health-related, and quality of life factors for a portion of the impacted population.


  19. It was CDC guidelines that opened the war on chronic pain patients in 2016, and it hasn't let up yet. Treatment is barely to be found at pain clinics, if at all. I was born with an uncommon neuromuscular condition and maintain my pain management because of it, but the clinic has forcefully weaned down my dosage to half of what my therapeutic dosage was. I did not consent to ANY weaning activities, yet am being told i will wean. They just lowered my dosage again during medication refill. I didn't even have an appointment.

    I'm not at all surprised to see these "guidelines" from the cdc.

  20. Shocking stuff. And they're still jabbing!

  21. Good for you for continuing to get Facts out there!! Going after Children makes me as irrate as you!! Keep up the amazing work!❤ People need to know!

  22. I had a inflammatory reaction to the Pfizer vaccine… It knock me out for about a year… There's no way in hell this won't have long term side effects /lower my life expectancy…

  23. People forgot that before Omicron, it was thought to have a fatality rate of about 2 point something percent. That later was deemed to be lower, but not near zero.
    Also, buildings of old people were dying.
    Trucks were used as morgues.
    Hospitals were filled with people on respirators.
    Did people forget?
    Look at all the people commenting here.
    This entire channel has become an anti vaxxer channel!
    John has gone off the deep end.
    He changed from being science minded to becoming a validator for anti vaxxers, for profit.
    All you fools here have been filling his pockets.

  24. Wait are you saying the excess deaths are from the vaccines or a persistent and ever changing virus that continually is besting our immunity. Because if its the former- it appears to be irresponsible to infer. Excess deaths are continuing from the virus due to pandemic fatigue and people taking less precautions. True, the vaccines have had adverse side effects, but aren’t as deadly as the virus by any comparison.

  25. The companies that made the vaccines and booster shots should be taken to court in the countries where the vaccines and booster shots were administered. The heads of these companies should be jailed. There should be a worldwide movement to bring those companies to court. Anything less is injustice. God will judge them as well, for God knows everything.

  26. The question should always be asked why are we not allowed to question the pharmaceutical companies.
    We were constantly untrusting of them before 2020 but magically everybody started treating them as if they are infallible.
    The next one is why aren't we allowed to question the international medical industries. Before 2020 we were suing them and accusing them of all kinds of medical malpractices including over prescribing. Now they can do no wrong.

  27. What I would like to know is the percentage of people who died who were v@ccinated ?

  28. Pitchforks are safe and effective also

  29. This is due to sequelae from Covid disease, NOT the vaccine. See the 4% for New Zealand – a low disease and high vaccine nation.

    Covid infects the endothelial cells lining arteries & veins, so the cardiovascular disease is direct sequelae and any organ supplied by blood is indirect sequelae.

  30. We are being systemmatically exterminated by something truly evil. Who wants this and why?

  31. Thank you Doc 😃🙏👊🤝

  32. Thank you very interesting video ❤

  33. I look at data for a living and I would say there are not enough data of points here to make any kind of determination especially if we’re only looking at one year or one month and especially if the date is not accurate

  34. Dr.Campbell, as a canadian woman, i can tell you the numbers are much higher than what they put on gov stats.MUCH HIGHER EXCESS DEATH. And that doesnt even cober the 10 000+ in 2020 and 13 700 in 2021 who were "killed by MAID" … we know this very well. Our gov premiers did not bother attend a meeting last week to votr on lauching a covid inquiry… rather than go, and vote no they did not attend AT AL and we taxpayers, are covering the bill for their Youtube and FB comercials on do the righy thing. Get vaccinated, "for the greater good" which Adolf Hitler, also used in WW2 to convice Germans, jews were "the problem"… im retired, and have more time on my hands, and love to read and research. Of course not nearly close to your incredibly talented research reports.The time, unpaid time, and the patience and all the hours you put inro informing us who watch you on a regular basis, is MORE THAN APPRECIATED. ITS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY and basically, no one in positions of power will even admit, polititians specifically needs be examined and accountability taken. Im grateful for the actual available sources, not conspiracy theories that you share. I've used these links often after noting them, to see actual metarial. So thank you. And those numbers, from health Canada, are not accurate at all. Theres finally a lot of reports, that death to to "cardiac arrest" have been attributed to MAID in 2021-2022 when tlit very well could be vaxx injury numbers. All deaths are the result of "cardiac arrest" no matter what preceded heart to stop beating. So so many Canadians will not accept this, regardless of numbers. Gov has been using distraction since late 2019 and deflection to spin 🇨🇦 minds daily. Homelessness, violent crime, drug addiction, gender ideology, cost of living due to excessive fiscal irresponsibility, Health care crumbling, and crippling carbon tax, without results, increasing immigration, with Ukraine war, and CENSORSHIP, to only name a few. A lot of these sudden death will just be attributed to homelessness and people freezing to death on sts of Canada, to fudge numbers. As you said very well, its highly unlikely, and definitely suspicious that the numbers given in all countries that the death numbers are correct. 2 of my clise friends family members, have died of "sudden unexplained" cardiac arrest in the past 16 days alone, within 24 hrs of Pfizer booster shots. These 2 men were fit,healthy nonsmoking, non drug using men, 39 and 51 yrs old. How can this be logical in any way, shape or form? My health as been brutally impacted since april 2022 when i was mandated tovbe jabbed to fly. My friend of 22 hrs contracted weirs black fungus illness 8 months post jab. Another healthy guy friend suddenly developped high BP and diabetes he didnt suffer from before, and has gone blind in one eye. These arr the very few. Many people i know will never admit that people in their lives are sick or died could be attributed to the mrna jab. They still argue that the benefit is higher than risk. Or that theres even a remote possibility that the "GAIN OF FUNCTION MANIPULATED CORONA VIRUS" fact. Ive had someone try convince me Sars, and 4 other known flu virrus' are the same as covid.We know that they are not the same at all but results of FOF research increasing transmission and as all virus do, mutate constantly, usualy getting weaker as a result. So the mrna shot, was aldo mutated several times.

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